Universal Law



New and exciting times ahead, for most of us life gets better every day.

The only codes of conduct that we must live by, are those based upon universal law and morals.

For example, under man made law, it is against the law for a human to physically attack another person. The person who does so, may or may not be apprehended and punished by the courts, but he/she will always be punished by himself or herself under universal law, whether he/she is aware of it or not.

We may escape man made laws, and get away with what we have done. But never the under universal laws, ( Gods Law ) the laws of our own nature.

No one can cheat universal laws “what goes around comes around”  a thousand times stronger, therefore think before you say or do something to other people. We must all pay that price.

Weak desires or pleasures will bring us weak results, just as a small amount of fire, will make a small amount of smoke that can blind us from the truth.

The intensity of our desire or pleasures governs the power with which our energies will be directed. People with weak pleasures who try to control other people’s lives or business (for example, someone gossiping about others) have in themselves low self esteem, a lack of responsibility and no true motivation.

They are disrespectful to themselves and/or other people’s feelings, are unable to make effective decisions or achieve goals resulting from poor willpower, a lack of the ability to make and sustain friendships, identity problems (for example not knowing who they are and what their purpose is), and a general lack of self awareness or common sense.

Allowing others to control our lives is in itself a weak desire.

Happiness is a by product. We cannot pursue it by itself. You were built to conquer your environment, solve problems, and achieve goals.

You’ll find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve. Happiness is in activity. It’s a running river not a stagnant pond. Happiness is not in having or being, it is in doing something you love.

The secret of happiness is in having someone to love – to love and to be loved by that someone. Love cannot just be 50% loving just one way, it’s not right, it has to come back to you from the other person 50% thereby attaining100% true happiness.

The journey of life itself can be a lonely one whether you have someone in your life or not. I mean our spiritual journey, having that trust in that greater power we know as God.

Before finding that true inner peace and happiness, one has to begin a journey. A journey in which we go through many doors, seeing and feeling many things, copying from each other, moving on to learning for ourselves, then finally, enjoying our own experience of life, trying always to be true to ourselves.

Like being out of control, to being in control; to trusting and letting go of the need to control; we all have free will, but we also have self awareness, conscience, independence, the will to choose, to respond, and to change.

Each step we take is a way of learning for our freedom and sometimes our happiness. Being aware of our own awareness of love and fear, there is nothing wrong about the first consciousness of love and to understand the word and meaning of love, we have to experience fear and to feel the meaning of fear; in order to understand the meaning of love.

The two go hand in hand just like white and black, right and wrong, up and down, left and right, because if we have something or someone we love so much we start to fear. A fear that we might lose it or the one we love instead of enjoying what we have at that moment in time.

Love can bring fear into our hearts and minds, if we allowed it to happen; our soul grows for our evolution.

As it grows we grow, unconscious fears arise in our personalities that draw upon our experiences that can hurt us. Once we have suffered enough pain, we are motivated to move through our fears, our thoughts and our feelings to consciously experience the meaning of love and what love can support and bring us.

Giving unconditional love to someone is one of the hardest things we can ever go through in our life here. Unconditional love means exactly that, loving someone without any conditions whatsoever.

Those are the real lessons of life, (loving and fearing with our free will that God gave us all) not whether we know how to read and write or how to spell, or even how clever someone can be with words and manipulation over others, or cheat someone out of their money. Love is but the discovery within ourselves and in others.

When we are born, we exist as pure love and spirituality but we are not conscious of our love or of our fear, sadly as we grow up in this world we learn also about the wrong and the bad things in life. But some of us, at a time of life and with a knowing or readiness, we start to understand and learn about our true inner self and our own pathway here on earth.

The greatest teacher is the teacher of life itself. We should learn from our past experiences, how we deal with each situation, whether it is in love or fear, remembering we all have personal responsibility and that life is made up of a series of experiences; each one will make us stronger, even though it may be hard for us to realize that at the time.

Life is the classroom in which we are being tried and tested and sometimes we might not pass. All we can do is carry on learning, finding out who and what we are, where we are coming from and where we are going.

Remember, it is our life and we should walk it in trust and love.

“We just need to reach out and touch another’s soul and communicate: We can all do it … we just have to want to do it.”