The Spiritual-Trust Seminar 2013



Delegates who sent in letters,cards, emails, and made phone calls just to say it gets better every year. “It’s been a life changing experience one of them said”one said, The most wonderful few days ever of my life said another, What a complete success, Such a fantastic Seminar. I‘m already looking forward next year, I have learnt a lot about spiritually, Some of the new delegates said I felt I knew everybody for years like a big family, The warmth this year was amazing! and long may it continue,. There are no Words that can represent truly the feeling I have. Just some of the comments from the Delegates

This years programme consisted of mediumship development for beginners and intermediate, Mediumship development group for advanced and skilled, spiritual healing workshop, Philosophy, Trance, Music workshop, and Psychic Art just to name a few.


We had wonderful tutors with us namely Margeret Davies who took the groups for mediumship for advanced and skilled student’s also Margaret took the Philosophy group and Psychic Art.

Robin Hodson took the Trance group for a whole day.

Richard and Ann Newall started of Wednesday with a wonderful evening with their music workshop, getting the students to work with music and make a link, every one said it was just right thing to start the weekend off.

Richard and Ann Newall starting their workshop         Marion Linking in with a spirit for                                                                            someone in the room          20131106_212934

20131106_212439         20131106_212217        20131106_211750

Brilliant evening, musical workshop with Richard Newall. My room is lovely with balcony & sea view, food is great, I tried a tuna steak which was gorgeous. Looking forward for tomorrow. Sharon Brightley


29 November2013




It was an honour to be asked by David to open the seminar with a music workshop.       This is the third workshop I have had the pleasure in running for the Eastbourne Spiritual Truth Weekends and this year it was again a real joy to be a part of this great festival of Spirituality.                                                                                                                               It was lovely to see so many faces from previous years as well as lots of new ones.       The Brave Souls who got up and worked were a real credit to the spiritual world we endeavour to work with, their integrity and honesty and professional deliver yo f ‘The Message’ was a great example of how this work should be conducted. I saw no dreaded Ego, just passion and truth which shone out beautifully and will have set the scene for a great few days at the Eastbourne Conference centre.                                                       The Spirit Jukebox exercise,t hat we did, always proves that the intelligence of Spirit is beyond doubt. The choice of music is totally random, chosen from thirty eight tracks spread over two discs and chosen through a selection process using two delegates each deciding on either A or B disc and then the second chooses the track number from one to nineteen, this ensures the selection is genuinely random. The medium, again chosen at random then listens to the track and then using the words and inspiration gleaned from the music gives the message from spirit As always the Spirit world delivered, and the mediums did their part in giving moving and humorous messages to those lucky enough to be the track chooser and therefore recipient of the message. And finally the wonderful evening came to a close and the last track had to be chosen at random, what could possibly finish an evening such as the one we had just experienced……? Non other than ‘All you need is love’ came over the airwaves, This stuff really blows me away.           Thank you all for asking me to be part of your Spiritual Truth.



Richard Newall


One Voice Music 115 Downer Road South Benfleet Essex S S7 1HX


I would like to thank those who helped to make this weekend seminar such a wonderful success, Sharon Silver who helped to run the healing clinic along with the other healers, also Sharon Silver and Janet Brett who organized the raffle, and all of the people who took the meditation each morning, and for those who sent in photos, cards,letters, email, and phone calls.

New and old friends coming together, getting to know you !!

We had books on sale from Diana Gilroy, Denise Pilgrim and CD’s on sale from Richard Newall.

20131107_105037         20131107_105052        20131107_105108

20131107_105206         20131107_105046        20131108_174638

Johannes Kunz starts off the beginners and intermediate workshop taken by David Cole

Watch by the other students, who will try to make a link with spirit.

20131107_114656         20131107_114718          20131107_114724

Diana making a link with her spirit Inspires

20131107_122902          20131107_124322         20131107_153220

Here you see Vanessa and Sascha making a double link.

Mean while Margaret Davies is taking her group next door.

20131107_130248        20131107_130242        20131107_130255

As you can see every one is listening with great interest, holding on to every word Margaret is saying.

20131107_155439         20131107_155454         20131107_155502

The two groups meeting up at their tea break and getting to know each other, passing on what they have learnt in the morning so far. Diana not sure if she wants tea or coffee.

Everyone working very hard and so willing trying to make that link with Spirit in their group work, they had some very good evidence that came through.

20131107_173140         20131107_161615         20131107_165049

20131107_131949         20131107_132015         20131107_13181520131107_132308         20131107_131846         20131107_13193420131107_131905         20131107_131853         20131107_131804

Sharon Brightly, Another brilliant day at Spiritual Truth Seminar in Eastbourne. A beautiful meditation followed by a Spiritual Healing Workshop this morning, Music with Colour Workshop this afternoon and Demonstration of Mediumship this evening.

20131108_125049         20131108_125042         20131108_125033

20131108_125026         20131108_123218         20131108_123322

Following a good day of working in groups, the students relaxed to an evening of mediumship with Margaret Davies, Marion Chilver, Diana Gilroy, Elaine Bird and Sasha Craig Taylor.

20131107_210617         20131107_200626   20131107_200620         20131107_200611 

Sasha Craig Taylor did a wonderful group working with music, colour and spirit art.

20131108_144112         20131108_144134         20131108_144126

‘The colour of music’ workshop

This year I was privileged to facilitate a music workshop with some of the seminar guests. I wanted to give an opportunity for the artistic and creative spirit communicators who would not normally be able to convey their feelings in words.

Several years ago I was shown the amazing colours of musical vibrations, through a communication with a friend who had just passed to spirit and that gave me the idea of using colours, music and a planchette to help the spirit world to communicate creatively.

I asked the group to help me to write a musical score – each one of them focusing on any note between A and G. We did this several times, and using the sequence of these notes I sat at the keyboard and recorded the result.

Once recorded we used the music for inspiration. We passed a notebook round and asked each person to write a line. The result was very touching. The words all linked beautifully together. During this session Ann Smith struggled to find the right words, but they came to her later and she disappeared in a flurry of inspiration and returned not long after with the beautiful words which we have put on the video.

We also worked with spirit art by putting pastel colours onto paper – no particular pictures or patterns – but the results were really lovely.

As for the planchette, we did have a few technical problems but it did move around on the paper and made an attempt at some artwork. More practise needed, I think. Maybe we can try again some time.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the group. I’m sure you will all agree it was good fun – I hope the spirit world had fun too!

Sasha Craig-Taylor

The Students who took part in the wonderful workshop and came up with this music video The words are from Ann Smith.

Glenda Wall, Sharon Brightly, Eveline Hewitson, Johannes Kunz,Jessie Gooch, Ann Smith, Stephanie Schneider and Joy Witts. Joan Newman.

Also in this group you will see what Sasha is talking about how they put music and words together to make a very special link.

20131108_163645         20131108_164326         20131108_171856

Here Jessie Gooch and Sasha linking in to a spirit person as Sascha is drawing this man, Jessie link into the same man. Both the message and the face of the man could be taken.

Here are some letters and emails and cards that was sent in to me.

Boom Boom Boom…… La la la la la la … WE ALL STAND TOGETHER.

Hello David!

When I arrived in Eastbourne, I got the feeling between the last “Spiritual Truth” and this time was just a couple of weeks ago and not one year. It seemed to be back in the family with friends, this means also healing for me.

From the bottom of my heart I want to say THANK YOU to every person in the group. We have had a great time together I gained a lot from you. We not just worked together, we shared respect, liking, support, meeting, friendship and I learned a lot from each Person. It is like a colorful Mosaic, what makes in the first look sometimes no sense but at the end you will see a beautiful picture.

It is a very special Spirit with you in England! Joan was right when she said, it gets better year on year.

A very special, special, special THANKS to you David, for all your inspiring work, organization and help before and through the seminar.

A very special thank you to Margaret and her wonderful inspiring color art work and the philosophy. And also thank you to the Ladies who have done the meditation in the morning. Thank you to Sasha for this fantastic idea with the music and bring music and the touching poem from Ann “in the computer”. Thank you Diane for the “Spiritual Truth Quiz”, which was a lot of fun. Last but not least Richard Newall, I was impressed again how it works!

A very warm hello to Jane, I have missed you and send you a lot of energy. I will keep profound memories of the time and look forward to be there next year.

Warmest regards,


Hello David sorry for delay in thanking you & Margaret for a fantastic seminar, as usual life been busy, it was nice to take time out last week. I had a great time, learnt more about myself & made some lovely new friends. The venue was good, loved the sea view very energising for the work we were doing. The only disappointment was the delay with the last dinner then the fish served not cooked. These things happen and everything else was brilliant, I would definitely like to go there again. Looking forward to next year, pls keep me posted. Hope to go to Amersham church next Saturday with Marina, may be a bit of a rush as I’m working all day. Take care lots of love Sharon xxx

Hope you have recovered from Eastbourne !

But I did just want to say what a lovely time we had (again) this year.I thought the trance day in particular with Robin was truly memorable and I feel privileged to have been given the knowledge and experiences that we all had. Not to take away from everything else though ! The music, colour, philosophy and mediumship were very enjoyable and I felt that I had come home learning a lot of new ideas.It just flowed with Margaret didn’t it and so nice to see all the “old” faces back again and new.

Thank you for organising such a special week. Lorna x

All the students took part this year in one way or another.

Margaret’s group did a lovely evening of mediumship, very good contacts all gave proof of life after life.

20131108_200049         20131108_200659         20131108_202040 20131108_203345         20131108_204725         20131108_205729 20131108_211714         20131108_200325         20131108_200100

But work didn’t stop there, for all of them they were back in their group’s the next day learning much more.

We still had to get through the rest of the night with some other spirits in the Bar they were coming through thick and fast. A good time to relax.

20131108_220744         20131108_221951         20131108_222459 20131108_225623         20131108_222529         20131108_222505

With my group the next day and with no time to waste they were up and ready to start       all over again. With their readings and contacts with spirit, then into one to one’s. sittings

20131109_103620         20131109_104921         20131109_110508 20131109_111525         20131109_105509         20131109_105637 20131109_145157         20131109_150843         20131109_154004 20131109_154008         20131109_154027         20131109_154042 20131109_154106         20131109_154110         20131109_154658

On the last night we had something really new for our seminar, a Spiritual Quiz.

20131109_213236         20131109_213244         20131109_213220 20131109_211630         20131109_211623         20131109_211614 20131109_211605         20131109_211558         20131109_211547

SPIRITUAL TRUTH QUIZ EASTBOURNE 2013-  ( Diana got the David hat for the evening)

This quiz was great fun to do, encompassing acquired knowledge and topics covered throughout the week.An opportunity to relax, work in groups and have fun. Many diverse answers reduced the room to convivial hilarity; the genial adjudicator deserves a merit in keeping a straight face! An enjoyable finish to a memorable Seminar.

Diana Gilroy

20131109_233737         20131109_233744         20131109_233749 20131109_233753         20131109_233816         20131109_233825 20131109_233847         20131109_233832         20131108_174628

End of another brilliant day on my Spiritual Truth Seminar in Eastbourne. Attended Mediumship Workshop today, enjoyed a wonderful evening with friends old & new singing & Mediumship demos, and our group won the Spiritual Quiz out of five others! Will miss everyone, last day tomorrow then moving on to see my other friends in Eastbourne, travelling home on Monday xxx

Sadly last day of Spiritual Truth Seminar in Eastbourne, will miss my new friends. Plan to keep in touch & visit them at their churches until we meet again at next year’s seminar. I’ve been chilling out this afternoon walking by the sea. We’re going out for a meal at our favourite Italian restaurant this evening, then home tomorrow xxx

IMG_0001          IMG         20131108_113721

Not forgetting Robin Hudson for his experience teaching, provide information and support for the trance group.

But not quit the end!!

Roger,Stephanie and Johannes from Germany had one last thing to do, they had brought with them a special Cup!! to auction off for the “Friends of Gaza” appeal raising £52.28.Thank you so much for their kindness.

20131110_101444        20131121_222622        20131121_22274620131121_222758        20131121_222813        20131121_222842

Roger gets to ware the David hat on the last day.

OMG It’s a photo of me.


Finally. The Friends of Gaza Committee sent us a thank you letter for your donation of £97.00 that you gave from the raffle which took place on the last evening at the Seminar. picked out from the Hat by Marie Scott a new comer to the seminar.

Also, the “Friends of Gaza were given anonymous donations which raised another £340.00 very kind of those who gave so freely. A grand total of £489.28 what a fantastic amount of money for The “Friends of Gaza” Appeal and for those children in Gaza.

Leter from Marion


Hello David

Advanced Students

In the colour, art workshop, the colour was the main focus, which is a vast topic. I tried to help them understand that they are beings of light emanating their own radiations of colour and therefore recognising that they are all individual’s. By using ribbons and colours it can “externalise” the “story” of our individuality. All groups working with each other were asked to keep their focus on their own intuitive senses to read the “story” of the colours.

Philosophy group was, I hope, progressive to a small degree. Firstly to recognise where our inspiration may come from. We can only share our love of gained knowledge or wisdom when we have studied life – from our own perspective. Each spoke briefly on simple word cards they chose. Then they each took a verse which they were asked to read, diction, speed, their presentation of the spoken word is important to get any message across. Finally to think, to be inspired and give a talk (approx. 5mins) which was presented to the group.

To be aware, become conscious of what you say and how you say it, when speaking to a congregation or an individual is also important in demonstrations as well. Responsibility of what you can’t say in public.

With new people, convey the right understanding of how your mediumship works ie. when you say you can see, they can believe you see spirit as we see each other physically – do we really- These aspects were all discussed, and more.

As individuals demonstrated communication, all were asked to think of giving constructive comments i.e. repetitive words or phrases; too fast; no time for response; too quiet etc., as well as giving positive feedback. We don’t always see/hear ourselves so we need to help each other grow in self-awareness and confidence. Also remember what we are being responsible for.

I did and would again thank everyone for working with me and each other. Some of us came together as strangers but I believe we all left with memories of shared experience’s which will have touched our very souls.

Thank you once again for inviting me to be part of your Seminar and meeting a new group of people who mostly came together for the love of spirit.

Margaret Davies



Most people have their own idea of what a perfect garden should be like.

To some, there is nothing more pleasing than a smooth well-mown lawn, with no weeds; straight edge’s surrounded by a clipped hedge with no pieces sticking out. This could be a very time consuming garden to maintain and some people would find it rather boring and lacking in imagination. It would need a very disciplined person to keep it in this condition, and there are people who like to organise their Spiritual lives in such a structured fashion with no frills or distractions.

There are others who just love to plant colourful herbaceous borders, using their imaginations and artistic senses to create a wonderful colourful display which titillates the senses and excites us.

This garden lends itself to more flexibility, and will bring joy to the heart and soul.

To some, no garden is complete without a pond, where you can gaze in and meditate quietly, seeing reflections in it and feeding the imagination, and becoming peaceful.

Then one might like to have a rockery, planted up with unusual little Alpine plants, growing in the crevices amongst the rocks. Our souls can be like these little tenacious plants, sheltering beneath the strong rocks of faith and protected from the storms of life. Alternatively we could plant a shrubbery, hoping that it will save labour in the future. We then find that the shrubs need to be kept pruned or they will grow too much and get out of hand and out of shape.

Thus, we might also find it easier to control our own wild impulse’s and thoughts so that we do not grow too out of balance, and it will need a certain knowledge of how to do this correctly and not damage the actual “core life” of the shrub, and cause it to shrivel or outgrow its space.

A good old-fashioned standby in this age of supermarket plastic-wrapped vegetables would be a vegetable garden, where we can grow delicious organic roots and greens to keep us healthy, and it becomes a “labour of love” when we till the soil and harvest our own produce, to pass onto the kitchen for consumption, just as our souls thrive on a diet of healthy life-giving thoughts and ways.

Last but not least, is the herb garden, once often a part of a large garden belonging to a big house or attached to a monastery, or as part of a cottage garden. These herbs are grown to heal us of our ailments, as also are wise spiritual words used to heal us.

All these different aspects of a garden can be brought together to make one large garden, all these different forms are of use to us, and we can enjoy them all.

One cannot really say that any one of these gardens is “better” than another; they are all different just as we are, and we each need to cultivate our own garden of the soul to suit our needs in the same way as these gardens need different methods to cultivate them.