The forgotten Story

It was May 2010, I had been working in Germany doing one of my Seminar as I have done for a number of year’s, coming to the end of my time there, I had a few days off before flying home again, one night just finish having dinner with Yvonne, Roger and Hilda their Daughter, where we were sitting in the Garden enjoying the summer evening.

Although Yvonne,Roger and Hilda have been in most of the workshops that I have been teaching with the other students, they themselves didn’t always take part and show what they could do with their spiritual connection although I knew they had a wonderful connection with spirit also within their healing work. Sitting there I said to Yvonne come on then, give me a sitting, connect with spirit and see what you can get for me, her face went white as a sheet, we were on our own as Roger had taken the family dog for a walk.

After a while and Yvonne had got over the shock she started to say, that there was a woman here with us, she gave me a very good description of my Mother-in-law telling me that this woman comes very close to me but she knew it wasn’t my Mother, she also said that it feels like a Mother-in-law feeling, she gave me her age, her size and height, telling me her name was Mary, she also told me only things that I would know about my Mother-in-law. Yvonne went on to say that your Mother-in-law is not in spirit yet, but she is very near to her passing and that she wants to say that she was very sorry for getting it all wrong also saying sorry for all the problem’s she caused Carol and myself.

Then my wife Carol came through saying that I have to find my Mother-in-law as soon as possible and before she passes over. Roger and Yvonne had never met Carol in fact they didn’t know much about my life or my back ground.  You see, I had lost contact with my in-laws after carol past over, and for 7 year’s I didn’t know where my Mother-in-law had moved to, the last place I knew where they lived was when my brother-in-law Carol’s older brother past over about 10 months after Carol in 2003. But the evidence that Yvonne gave me was really outstanding, I couldn’t stop thinking how do I find out about my Mother-in-law and where she could be living.?

The next day I was in the Sanctuary with Roger I ask him to give my a sitting also, he looked at me and said I am happy that you have ask me because there is a very tall woman here and she is making me feel that she is your Sister-in-law, I know it’s not your wife, he then went on telling me how she  passed over with a cancer like illness Roger told me so much more about Daphne and her life only things that I would know.

He told me that she got married to a man who was not from England he then said that she didn’t have any children. But her family had made so many problems for her. she didn’t know until she past over what they really thought of her Husband. I could take every thing that Roger said, then Carol came into the sitting saying to me not to forget to do what she wanted me to do and for me to go forward in my life, she would always be beside me helping me with my Spiritual work.

The very next day Monday I was flying home, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Yvonne and Roger just told me through their Mediumship.

Tuesday Morning I was sitting in my office and I looked through some old telephone numbers, I came a cross my ex Sister-in-law phone number and thought maybe she would till have this number. I call the number and sure enough my Sister-in-law answered. She was surprised to hear my voice and then she started to ask me if I had heard about my mother-in-law ??? being in hospital. I said yes I know, I was told yesterday, she ask me who told you ? I said you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, after telling her what happened when I was in Germany and what both Yvonne and Roger had told me, my Sister-in-law went very quite then she said well Mary is in hospital and it’s not good news they don’t give her much time to live.

I asked her do you know what hospital she is in?, she said she didn’t know that much as she also had no contact really, but thought the hospital is somewhere near where my Mother-in-law lived. I looked up on the internet all the hospitals in that area I made one phone call and ask them if they had a woman called Mary D, in their Hospital?, the Woman said yes, I ask her what are the visiting times hours. I drove to the hospital that day and saw my Mother-in-law she was unconscious, the Nurse said that she is very ill, and she had been like that for some days now. I could see that for myself, looking at my Mother-in-law laying there, I started to think of all the happy year’s I had been part of her family. After about 20 minutes to my great surprised Mary opened her eyes and said hello mate, what are you doing here?, who told you that I was in hospital?, I didn’t know what Question to answer first. Then she ask for a glass of water. Again she ask me who told you that I was in Hospital?, I just said my dear you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.














Since then my family and I still go to visits my Mother-in-law in her new home to this very day. We have spent the last two Christmases and Birthdays with her, on the 5th April this year she was 86 year’s old. I am sure Carol is happy now to know we have reunited as a family again.

Today 14th April 2012 is the 9th Anniversary of Carol’s passing, just sitting here thinking about Carol and the happy life we had together, reminded me about this forgotten story.

So you see, our loved one’s do come back to let us know they are still alive and well, giving us proof that they are with us, helping us in time’s of need. Love is never broken between the two worlds.