Spiritual Truth A Discovery Week End 2011

When nearly sixty people come together for the first time there can be a moment of tension. But this years seminar at Eastbourne was none other than a real joy and great fun, and much learning had by all.

We had a long packed weekend of workshops from Meditation, Healing, Philosophy, Trance, Psychometry, and Mediumship just to name a few, from Wednesday 26th October to Sunday 30th with guests coming from as far as Scotland and the Midlands, also from Germany, Middle East,Thailand, and nine Americans from different states of the USA.

Set in wonderful surroundings at the Eastbourne Centre were we had taken over all the hotel facilities with four Seminar rooms,and the conference hall, one for each of  Meditation-Healing Clinic, Psychometry Class, Mediumship Class and also for the Trance Class,The food was second to none, the staff were very warm,and friendly and also very professional. No one could complain about their bedrooms they have been refurbished to a very high standard. The Hotel is right on the seafront with uninterupted views over looking the sea and the promenade of Eastbourne.

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With every thing in place, meant every one could have a good time in one way or another, and start discovering something about themselves and learn about  their own spirituality.



Now ready to start booking everybody in to their room’s



Booking most of the students in on Wednesday Afternoon it was really good to see so many of them coming before the Seminar was due to start on Thursday, as our Americans Friends and others had travelled thousands of miles to be there.

Now ready for dinner in this wonderful restaurant with a full lunch and dinner cuisine with a buffet style breakfast. Sue and John getting to know each other on the first night.


As we wait for the other Students to arrive an evening with Ann Burbedge, Gerard Smith, and David Cole. of Mediumship for those who were there on Wednesday.


Start the day off with a good English Breakfast, or something from the buffet.

Glen telling Sharon if I come to you from platform, just take every thing I say.         also here is Ann with Diana and Ida with Michelle. Steve has a smile on his face    what does he know already, Leaving the others to find out later.


              Barry Cairns held a Meditation each Morning at 10.15 Helping the students to relax for their first workshop at 10.30. Barry and Sandra Pollard, Took the Healing workshop and run a healing clinic each evening along with other Approved Healers. We had a Healing book in the Clinic were people’s names could be put in it for absent Healing. The healing book which was left in the room all of the time had a long list of names requesting absent healing, every day healing thoughts were sent out to all those names.

On Thursday we start the day off with Richard Newall who did a wonderful workshop (feeling the sound with music) Richard got the students putting their own words to music and then feeling the sound. Very Interesting and successful, students said they got so much from this workshop.


This was followed on by Gerard Smith taking the Philosophy Workshop in the afternoon. Gerard got the students working in teams, for them to come up with their own words then giving a talk on their subject.

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              Later that evening after dinner there was an Demonstration with Jean, Jane, Barry and Sandra, good Message’s were given and received.



                  From one kind of spirit to another kind, all down to the Bar and relax just enjoying themselves. before going off to bed for the night.




There are those who will never go to bed early, see Ann checking up on me!



Subject Eastbourne 2011 some Feed back

David, I will send my pictures as soon as my husband returns and finds the cable! Here is my piece on the wonderful time I spent in the company of some new friends. You may edit it to the size that suits your purpose, but if you would share it with the members of your beautiful circle, I would appreciate that. I love them!!!  I know I thanked you from the stage, but I must tell you how wonderful an experience it was to meet you and participate in the seminar. Thank you for all you did to make our journey successful. Your quiet support for all who got up to give spirit links, poems or personal anecdotes was noticed and appreciated. I know I would have loved to have more time working and learning, but the time I had was amazing. Please pass along my email address to all who have an interest. I would love to keep in touch. Again, David, many thanks for all you did. Know that it made a difference to me.

Take Care,



I wanted to thank you, your teachers, your students for a wonderful, magical time in Eastbourne.. It has taken me so long because I wanted to find the right words . I realize now that words cannot adequately describe all that I have learned and experienced. Thank you for being a guiding light as I travel down my spiritual path. Warmest regards, Leona.

Leona Kardux


Good Morning David & Anne I would like to say a huge thank you fo such a wonderful time that I had whilst attending the Eastbourne Workshop last month. I would love to book for next years if you could please advise me of costs deposits etc once you have had a chance to work it all out! Once again thank you so so much for such an amazing life changing experience! Kind regards & best wishes Nikki xx

Nikki Williamson


Halfway through the weekend and they are still Laughing




Hello Ann and David 

This morning finds us all in good stead – having all arrived to our various locales safely. All the Colorado folks got home safely – it took a long time but last I heard via FaceBook they were all tucked in.The Jersey girls found their way – the snow was basically gone by the time we got here. Robins house still has no electricity so prayers for her would be good – she went home anyway to see her kittykats. The temperature is well above freezing so probably with a few blankets and the kitties piled on her she is ok 🙂 I will check with her again this morning. I just wanted to thank you both so much for your hard work for a great half week of learning. EVERYONE from the US loved the learning, and the warm welcome we received from all the Spiritual learners and the staff at the wonderful facility.  I know that many will come again, and bring along some more of the folks we know here in development.

Thanks again so much

Blessings and love,



Ann and I would like to thank the tutors for all their hard work for making this  weekend so successful. Also we thank every body for their feed back and Comments. Plus the photos people have sent to us and the cards,letters and emails 

Jean Blackabee and Jane Davidson took the Psychometry and Mediumship Groups, feed back from the Students were good as they thought the Psychometry, Mediumship workshops helped so many of them to understand working with Spirit, some wanted two or even three days in Mediumship. Although the Classes were a bit to large with well over twenty-five student’s in each group, on the Saturday night with an evening of Discovery with four Students from each group showed there skills and put in to practice what they had learnt. Barry and Sandra took the Healing Workshop and the Healing Clinic. Every body who went for healing said they felt so much better afterwards. We had a Healing book in the Clinic where people’s names could be put in it for absent Healing.Our healing book which was left in the room all day, as there was a long list of names requesting absent healing. Rodney Peacock’s name has been in there since October 2010. He was very poorly at that time and continuous healing has been sent to him. David and I were absolutely surprised and delighted to receive a visit from him and his wife, Elizabeth, at this years Seminar. He still needs lots of healing sent to him, but doesn’t it make you all reflect on the power of the healing and what we can all do when working in harmony for Spirit.”
Gerard Smith took the Philosophy group, Some said they would have loved to spent all day if not two days with Gerard in the Philosophy Class. Trance was taken by Robin Hodson, Two smaller groups were in the Trance classes, sadly there are no photos of these groups, the responds were very good as most if not all, went into the black-box and tried it for themselves.Students would have liked to have it longer. Richard Newall did a wonderful workshop on sound and music working with feelings and words people said it made the them really feel aware how much music can make a differences with words. On top of doing the tutoring. An evening of Mediumship by the tutors, giving the opportunity to those who wanted to book a private sitting could Choose who they wanted to have a sittings with. Private readings were ongoing through out the weekend.

Some great news,We are back at the Center next year for our 2012 Spiriual-Truth Discovery Weekend in October. We hope to see you and maybe some more new friends there with us.

Once again this years Raffle raised £177.00 and a cheque was sent to Cancer Research.

Hi David

This was the first Seminar Ive attended and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the October Eastbourne Seminar. Apart from the break away from my usual routine (which was well overdue) overall it was an excellent few days away. The accommodation was first class as was the food and service given. It was also good to catch up with old friends and meet up with new people, the evening camaraderie was fantastic. (I believe I owe you a few drinks!!)  I particularly enjoyed the Trance workshop with Robin, he is a very knowledgeable tutor and certainly knows what he is talking about. The meditation he gave us was second to none, a very moving experience one in which we all felt spirit enter the room, so much so we thought he had opened the door as the cold blast swept into the room. Robin assured us the door was firmly closed and never opened. I was privileged to sit in the “black box”, although I couldn’t see what was happening I’m assured by others who were there that transfiguration’s did take place. My only criticism is it wasn’t long enough, could you please arrange next years seminar to include more full days of Trance? I understand that you cannot please everyone.

I feel I must add that Ann and yourself did an excellent job arranging and re-arranging all the workshops, it cannot be an easy task to do.

Looking forward to next years Seminar

Marion x



                                                        More feed back on the weekend
Hi David,
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you and Ann on a fabulous weekend,
It was so relaxing and inspiring and finding out my spiritual path.
the hotel and staff were excellent.All the Mediums and the healing people too.
it was the first time I had been able to get away for 20 years.I will certainly be there
next year.
to meet all the other spiritual people and especially our American friends was so
exciting and to be able to learn and participate in the workshops was inspirational,
and knowing  I could find my spirit.
Best Regards
Rosemary Sanford


David, it was a pleasure to meet you last week at Eastbourne. I had the most amazing few days and learnt so much. I had been quite anxious before arriving, as I only knew Jane Davison, but I really had no need to be. What a lovely, friendly and warm group of people, many of whom have become good friends already. Next year will be a little tricky as it isn\’t half term. However, I have a cunning plan to get a few days off, and if I possibly can I look forward to joining you all again. My sincere thanks for such a warm welcome. I look forward to working more and more with spirit as I develop, if they\’ll have me. 🙂 With love, Ann x

Ann Smith


Dear Ann & David,
Thank you for a lovely time I spent at Eastbourne. The hotel and the staff were friendly and went out of their way to make sure that everyone  was well catered  for. Ann and you worked very hard to make sure we all had a good time, you both worked extremely hard and it was much appreciated. It was nice that the Americans came as it all gave us an insight to see how they worked. They all were very friendly and good fun. I will look forward to next year as once again I know I will have extremely good time, and will go on learning. I enjoyed  Richard Newall, concept on music. Once again thank you both for all that you did.  
Janette Brett.

And Finally the last night of enjoyment all down to the Bar.                                                                Last one down there buys the Drinks




Some Letters and cards sent to us


More Emails and Photos to come


Let me try again… I think I sent too big a file of pictures, so I  will break it into 2 separate emails. I hope this finds you and all your lovely circle well. I had an amazing experience meeting you all and sitting with such a large group of like-minded individuals. The energy was so strong and beautiful. I hope to return and see you all again.Please send my best to everyone. I am sending love and light to you all!



here are my words re the seminar. Firstly can I thank you and Anne for asking me to tutor again. I loved it and feel blessed to have been a part of the magical environment you are both creating.The students were amazing and worked as hard as they possibly could to achieve as much as possible during the short time we had over the weekend. I hope they enjoyed the classes and can only hope they got as much out of them as I did. There were a mixture of abilities and it was wonderful to see each and every person support the other in their work and it warms my heart to know there are so many people that love the spirit as much as I do. Our lovely cousins from the USA fitted in beautifully not forgetting our German friend either. A great bunch of people. You are really creating something special for us all to enjoy whether we are tutors or students. At the end of the day we are all learning no matter what and being amongst so many lovely people made it all the more magical.The hotel was fantastic. Cannot fault it in anyway at all. Wonderful setting and the facilities both in the bedrooms and seminar rooms was brilliant.

Love Jane.


The morning after the night before, and yet they still look good still smiling even though every one has a long way to go back home.


Subject Eastbourne Conference

Message Hi David, sorry been so late dropping you a line,would just like to say I thoroughly enjoyed Eastbourne this year and feel i got soo much out of it,although i would say that, I personally,felt that we need 3 classes for the Mediumship.Beginners,intermediate and advanced.the classes seemed quite large and we struggled with the time we had. But the tutors and other activities i really enjoyed although was a little disappointed didnt get chance to do the trance as it clashed with the mediumship classes.would love to have done more in the healing group as well. I must say the hotel was first class and i found no fault with it at all i did not expect that the hotel would have been so nice and the food that was served was unbelievable and catered for all tastes,more than enough for anyone. Could you please send me details about next year as i would definetaly like to attend again all being well. kind regards love and light john

John Gilbert


Dear David

I enjoyed the weekend at Eastbourne. I must say how much I enjoyed Robin’s trance workshop, especially the history of trance. Gerald’s Philosophy class was also very good and our mediumship tutor was very encouraging. I met some lovely people there and everyone was very friendly.I should like to say thankyou to Ann and yourself for being given the opportunity to take part in the afternoon student demonstration.The accomodation was excellent and the food was first class. Please say a big thank you to the staff at the Conference Centre, and last but not least to Ann and yourself for all your hardwork organising the event.

Kindest regards

Jessie Gooch


Dear Ann and David

Thank you for sending the link, I have had a look at the pictures and am back there again – would it be that life were that simple !  Jill and I both enjoyed the weekend very much, and mirror the comments made by others there. I think the friendship and camaraderie was something very unique as we are all very different people outside of the workshop, and yet everyone got on.We are keen, Jill and I to come to the workshop next year, so when you have the bookings forms available can you pop one over to me by email please and we will make firm bookings.

Look forward to seeing you both..

Lorna xx


Congratulations to David & Ann, What a wonderful few days. Beautiful hotel, excellent service,everything all very well organized. Really good workshops.You both worked so hard & it was good fun, so a big thankyou to both of you, not forgetting Barry organizing the healing & Gerard & all the tutors.I look forward to next year.

With love Sharon [Silver]


Sincere apologies for our tardiness.

Although we have spoken on several occasions since the Seminar, I really had to put our feedback in writing. Sorry it has taken so long. Liz and I had looked forward to the Seminar since we had decided to book, but the reality was so much better than we had expected. The hotel was faultless – the rooms were lovely, (the balcony appreciated), the food delicious and seemingly supplied from a bottomless pit, the staff so helpful and friendly, our fellow attendees in the main very friendly like-minded people. It was obvious David and Ann had worked their socks off getting the seminar organised. Jane, Jean and Gerard were all wonderful tutors and taught us two ‘old dogs’ (sorry Liz!) ‘new tricks’. Jane our tutor was such a lovely person but also ‘in charge’ which is ‘a must’ when running a group of people. It has given us ‘food for thought’ and the push to take our mediumship further. We have agreed to hold our circle regularly without fail starting in the new year (we used to sit every Monday, but have been very haphazard this year). We originally sat in Derek’s (Markwell) circle and we know he is with us when we work, so he will be pleased that you have got us (and him) back into action. Liz gives people one to one readings and I hope to put my lack of self-confidence aside and start doing likewise.  We absolutely adored Richard Newall’s music workshop. He has got such a lovely way about him and the subject was so interesting. Also, Barry’s meditation sessions were the best I have ever experienced. Liz and I came out of one and had ‘seen’ and gone through exactly the same experience. It was surreal. We didn’t go to Barry’s healing as much as we would have liked, but on the occasion we did attend, it was lovely, as is Barry. We also enjoyed everyone’s demonstrations, both amateur and professional!  Now for the moans. It is an honour being picked to demonstrate mediumship, but in future on the final night when working out the order of appearance, please be kind and let the beginners go first. It is like the dentist, the wait is the worst thing! Next. Please make sure the name badges can stand up to several days’ hard wear. It was very helpful to have them, but most seemed to disintergrate within the first day or two! That’s the moans! Can’t be bad!  Finally, perhaps consideration should be given next year to advertising David’s work helping children on both sides in Gaza and the charity he has formed for this purpose. I know David does not wish to take advantage of the situation, but when you run a charity if you don’t take advantage, you let opportunities pass by. If you make the information available, the people can then decide whether or not to support Friends of Gaza by making it their charity of choice at next year’s Seminar. The fact that the money raised in the raffle will go 100%, no admin having been deducted, to help the children is another attraction. It is a prerequisite of all the charities chosen for help by The Friendship Spiritual Centre, which we run in Pinner, Middlesex (see web site ………) is that no money is wasted on admin and considering our small size and the fact that until very recently we were a church in a suitcase, we have raised a significant amount of charitable funds.


Jan and Liz


Wow! Nice job David! Seeing all the pictures and comments flooded my heart with all the great moments I had with everyone! Let’s do it again next year!

Steven Low


Hello David!

Sooooo sorry it has taken me this long to reach out to you! First and foremost I wanted to thank you (and Ann) for a wonderful learning experience in Eastbourne. I still think of my time there and all the great people I met and it brings a smile to my face! So for that, I thank you 🙂 And I look forward to attending in Oct.2012.  Can you please email any inforamtion about the future Eastbourne trip to this email address? I hope you are doing well and that you and your family, friends, and people in Circle have a happy holiday and New Year!

Thank you again!

Robin  PS- I’ve attached some pictures but will send another email with more. I have so many and am never sure how many I can attach to an email without making the email to big!


What a great evening that was, we will meet again I’m sure



This really is the end for this year. But the good news is we are back at the Center next year in October 2012 for our next Seminar.

   I promised Alice, I would show her the photo with the red ribbon when I got home

The flowing year a wonderful time with new friends.

Spiritual Truth Seminar 2012