Special Guests


Like most, I have met many people throughout my life and many who have become true friends. None more so than the people I have met as a result of my dedication to and working for Spirit. Every now and again people touch us in a special way, when they work with you, give you something of special significance or something just happen to be in the right place at the right time or say something that means so much to you.

Here on this page I share some of my memorable moments, the effects of which will stay with me forever.

Everything here is included with the permission of the orinigator and I thank them all for their input to my life.

“With all your armies, and all your fighters with all your tanks, and all your soldiers. Against a boy holding a stone, standing there all alone. In his eyes I see the sun, in his smile I see the moon. And I wonder, I only Wonder who is weak and who is strong, and who is right? who is wrong? I just wish I only wish that Truth has a tongue”

By Adel Ali.

I see the Birds who can fly I see the fish swim so high even the sheep can just rome  All I want, is my own home, to live my life just like you and others. Have the freedom to walk and talk without any fear, have my eyes not full of tear. I wonder I only wonder who is weak and who is strong, I hope that God hear my thoughts,and pray that he will forgive me with all my faults, as I walk he keeps me safe. To bring an end to all this now, but I really don’t know how. I’m just a boy holding the stone.

By D.J.

5th Noverber 2011



Our outlook is one of the things many of us need to change, see the good in your day not the bad, learn when things go wrong,

it is through the lessons of life that we become what we are.

Smile at life and laugh, take all the hardships and turn them around to your advantage. We all have to do or be somewhere

we would rather not be, at some time in our lives, but we have no choice in the matter make your mind up to make the best

of it and enjoy what you can. Then you will find it more bearable than you thought.

At time of grief and sorrow it is hard to believe that anything could ever be right again. At time like this out angel wraps his wings around us and loved ones from the spirit world draw close. Time helps you adjust and slowly but surely a type of healing and normality returns. Things will never be the same as life in continually changing. Weather for good or bad nothing stays the same, like us it must move on. We move forwards or backwards, that is your choice, but nothing stays still. We cannot stop certain things happening. Some things have to be, but each day that dawns is a new beginning and it is our chance to start a fresh with the love that we have in our hearts we can help God by putting right some of the wrongs man has done over the years. Ask your God for the love and strength you need to get you through your days of trials and be happy to know you have the power to change your life for the better. Be peaceful and learn that peace begins from within you. If you let people intimidate you who is to blame? Is it them, or you for letting them? They have the problem not you.

Be calm, do not allow anyone to take over your life. Rather, turn it around so they in the end take the peace and calmness from you rather than you take their negativity.

Do what feels right for you it is your life you are the one who is responsible to yourself. What you say and what you do is for you and you alone to answer to your God.

You are are important, you are all worthy of Gods love and we are all part of the whole. From the and to the elephant our very being is here for a reason. We all have something to offer, some gift that was given to us, it is you and you alone who can find that gift and use it to better the world we live in.

It’s your world make it a calm, peaceful and content world. See the good in your world and let us turn our backs to those who would destroy it with negativity and hate. We have a new day every 24 hours, let’s start from today and change our life for he better, give out the love from within you and take that step forward.

I give you my love and God’s blessings.

BB – Saturday, 4th March 2006

The following transcript was given to me by my good friend Will. The words are not his own, but from spirit

Don’t Judge Me.

Why do you judge me when you don’t even know me why..?

You cast the first stone by the thought that you gave and yet you have not met my soul.

Why is it that you know better than I, should we not share our experiences together why, and why is it that when the first tear to fall is yours, that it is I, who is there to catch your tear when it does fall.

Please do not judge me I say, gaze beyond my hidden beauty and look deep within the depths that have created my reason for being here, love me that is all I ask, for one day we shall meet again.

By Will Turner. 3rd September 2003


Bread and Cheese

Since I was a kid, people have been praising me for being “so cute”,
” exceptionally smart”, ” witty”, “suave”, ” a very good observer”, or having ” a great sense of humor”, ” an out-of-this-world memory”, or saying something ” hilarious” or ” never said before” etc. That used to please me and make me proud of myself as a child but since I grew up and started knowing and understanding more about myself in particular and the world in general it became the cause of my grief and self-under-estimation.

I believe people should not praise others for what others have not done. I have not made myself smart and others have not made themselves less smart so why should I be praised and others blamed? On the contrary; I blame myself for everything good I couldn’t be or do and everything bad I am or I do. I should not love someone simply because they are beautiful. They basically did not make themselves. Or dislike someone due to their inherited lack of excellence? That made me never judge people according to the way they look, dress or talk or how sharp-minded they are or what sense of humor they have. Why do millions of people adore Brad Bitt for being “wow good-looking” or Julia Roberts for her “magical smile”? Why do parents blame their school kids for not being so exquisite or as bright as their peers? The sole criterion seemed logical to me is what a person does, in each situation and in life as a whole. I have been granted exceptional genetic abilities I should best use for myself and others while I waste my talents in vanity, everyday life trivia, wrong doings, seducing people or pleasing them. That idea has obsessed me and has been the root of my constant melancholy. Family and close friends could not understand why I have been so melancholic.” Nothing in the world is sadder than a wasted talent”. I am a failure of a person.

I understand it is so controversial and there is a lot to say about it but what I have felt for years can not be wrong as I know myself better than anyone else. I should be a better person and do better in everything.

What I have achieved so far while I am thirty is too little compared to what I could have done. Having a B.A degree in the English language and being a governmental translator and struggling to be a good husband and father can “happen” to anyone. Thinkers and scientists have changed the world. One exceptional person can turn people’s life upside down. One useful idea can help millions of people. One phrase can make miracles. One dies and their ideas or accomplishments never do. One good thing about me-that some friends sometimes get fed up with- is that I always try to share the tiny pieces of happiness with people around me. Whenever I enjoy something, I show it to friends and pour my soul over it describing and clarifying, a movie, a song, a piece of writing, a portrait or a photograph, or even a decent behavior of someone. Arabs get drunk by listening to poetry. Poetry is the perfect spa for most Arabs. It can move us more than everything else can. An illiterate old Arab woman in the remotest desert or village can put poetry of unique sweetness. It is so sad that Arabic poetry, and Arabic literature in general, is not translated into all languages so that all people could discover and enjoy that fabulous, very rich world and make a good use of it. One day it came to my mind to browse the internet for the collection of the poetry of Almutanabby, the poet of wisdom, who lived over a century ago. Each line of his poetry seems to have been considered and thought over with insightful vision by him for ages. His meanings are so condensed that they usually need clarification from critics to be fully understood and appreciated. I managed to find a soft copy available for downloading in a file-share website. I started skimming through it like skimming through a treasure I have just found. I wanted to read and feel all lines at once. On one of the pages I found the line that summarizes my life complex and advocates my opinion. It says “I see no worse flaw of people than of those who can reach perfection but they do not”. I was overwhelmed and I instantly thought of sharing that happiness with my wife. I was at work so I sent her an SMS with the line with no introduction or comment. She immediately replied “Do not forget to bring home bread and cheese”.

By Shaban Rashed. 9th February 2011


What is Love????

It’s a wonderful feeling inside Knowing that Love surrounds us all Unable us to appreciate and care for many things Woods, Trees, Flowers and the Wildlife that roams these places The wonderful creatures that in-habit our Great Oceans Our domesticated animals which bring us so much happiness and pleasure Love is a circle that remains unbroken for all eternity Be aware of your spirit friends, who return again and again Because of this broken circle of Love To find Love first look no further then yourself Feel good about yourself, appreciate the miracle of Life that each individually is. An inner radiance will shine and glow all around you. A welcoming glow that attracts like a magnet In your quiet reflective moments, picture in your mind, a love one, a friend, someone in distress and a much love pet Then surround them in that loving glow that feels your heart and soul, embrace them in its light and warmth True Love has no conditions, no demands, no price, and no limitations It’s that inner radiance that manifests externally A smile, a touch, kind reassuring words in a painful situation, knowing that this amazing emotion of Love and care is returned, is to know that the real true feelings of Love, and reassure you all that you are part of the eternal circle of unconditional Love.

Janette Brett 06-09-03

As you travel on your pathway God will show the way Keeping you on the right track making sure you do not stray When times get hard, the load is heavy you think you’ll not succeed He’ll comfort you, stand you straight and give you all you need. Listen well to spirits voice its there with good intent To care for us in a loving manner, from spirit its truly sent. For each of us are spirit, that connection cannot be denied No matter how life treats us, or the times that we have cried.Spirit see our every move, they hear our every thought There’s nothing they cant help us with or any subject taught.With spirit there is guidance, the hope the joy to come This may be hard to visualize and difficult for some With their teaching plus their wisdom we will come out strong Enthusiasm broadly speaking makes us seek and long Long for more information, what really lies ahead Easing our perception banishing all we dread. Spirit are rejoicing for in us they find just cause They never stop to ponder or feel the need to pause Their in our hearts forever, their in our very soul They feed us constant loving, for them its never droll. So when your low and feeling sad and your body needs to mend One things for sure, we know its true on them we can depend.With spirit for our guidance, God standing at our helm He lifts us up and moves us on into a different realm A realm of beauty peace and love, of that we can be sure With our Angels closely by us who could ask for any more? Just send a thought to spirit, for that thought we know is heard By those who care about us, to them its already occurred. Being part of Gods creation, brothers all are we Given choice of friendship with minds that should be free Free to choose a pathway, on life’s journey we all must take Along the way we may faultier, a few rules we may break But with guidance from our Angels who know where we should be Align our soul correctly and enable us to see They see that we are worthy and entrusted in their power Endless knowledge they will give, it filters like a shower. We should feel humble to our God for everything he’s given By our actions and our deeds his energy is driven Where would you be without his love, without he’s constant care It takes but a moment from your day to send him just one prayer.

Marion Chilver 26th November 2011