Workshops should be informative literature’s having the student in mind and making sure the student has some kind of idea what is meant when using the words (the spirit world), (the sole) and other words like (raising your awareness) finding out whether they are new to spiritualism or have some knowledge what it’s all about,taking in account if they have sat on a circle before or not, when they are trying to find your own spiritual path way, it is important to have some kind of understanding before hand. A good tutor will always make sure the new comers understand what is happening. Meditation is a good way to get started giving you a wonderful experience and benefit you in both the workplace and in your family life.


          One day Workshop Open to all Levels of development

Each one day workshop is a step by step guiding you through the

different aspects  of mediumship the workshop is designed with you in mind.            

So you want to be a Medium or do you? Could it be you really want to understand

     and open up your spiritual pathway for your own personal development.

                                         Spiritual development and awareness.

 The Mechanics Of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and much more.

         Knowing the difference between Physic Medium and a Spiritual Medium.

      Understanding who is working with you ( The Energy ) and the awareness of

                                                    your own unique ability.

                      Raising your own vibrations and making that connection.

         Different Aspects Of Mediumship Demonstrating, Inspirational speaking

                                                                 and Writing.

                                                      Knowing who you are with.

                                                                  Private Sittings.


                               Also understanding the responsibility of Mediumship.

As a final note to these principles, Spiritualism, through an intelligent and thorough investigation of its Seven Principles, reveals the understanding, the deepest significance of service to others and transforms life from selfishness to unselfishness, from individualism to social co-operation. Only on such a foundation can love and truth and all other spiritual values have any practical meaning or reality.