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I attended David's workshop entitled 'Awareness of Spirit' which comprised of the basic understanding and knowledge necessary to undertake Spiritual work and also saw how he worked as a Medium.
On several occasions I observed David work in Churches and I was very impressed with the evidence of survival that was given, David is a very gifted and accurate Medium as well as being genuine and sincere.
A few days before the workshop, I felt that the day would be very special and it was proved to be. He made sure that everyone gained something from this workshop and what I learnt came very naturally. The subject areas: Spirit's principals, understanding your vibrations and awareness, and making that connection, blended and merged very well. David is very patient and there was time to ask questions and digest what had been taught. He is a very good teacher who understands any difficulties one has and I was given confidence so that I could put into practice what I had learnt.
I have benefited from the workshop and would recommend people to attend David's workshops and also to have a sitting with him.
T Duncan

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop. It was a wonderful experience.
I enjoyed every part of it and was so glad to be with you and the other members of the workshop that day. Everything was just so right. I believed that this would be an important day for me. It was.
When you explain Spirit principals things I had "known" since a child were confirmed for me, and through the actual experience with vibrations, and on to the awareness and connection with Spirit the day became so educational and above all enlightening.
For the first time ever I understood how mediumship worked and felt. Not only was I exhaulted but also knew that my own progress towards true service to spirit was accelerated. I also felt very humble and contented after the workshop.
I have read many books and listened to many people talk of Spirit but until your workshop I only felt on the edge of understanding. Following the meditation with the workshop group I felt very uplifted and energised for many days and I still feel the effects of those particular vibrations when I meditate alone.
I recommend your workshop to anyone who wants a genuine and spiritual tutor with the ability to teach Spirit awareness with such consideration and skill. The entire workshop was a never to be forgotten experience for me. I can't wait for the Stage 2 one. Please let me know when this takes place.
C. A. Pool

I write to congratulate you on the recent spiritual workshop I attended. It was interesting, insightful and well organised.
After witnessing your spiritual address in Blackpool, I made the decision to attend the aforemention workshop. It was something I will never forget. The warmth and congruence I experienced from you was a quality in itself. The spirituality was abundant.
Since attending, I now find another door opening for me along with my own spiritual development. I would like to thank you from my soul and look forward to your next workshop.
Regards and God Bless.
K . L.

I have attended two of David's spiritual workshops on philosophy at Maidenhead Spiritualist Church.
I enjoyed both of them very much and found them most interesting and informative. At each workshop I attended David was given a word from spirit, which was then discussed by the people who were there, and what that word meant to them. I enjoyed the sharing and participation of both afternoons.
I never realised that one word could mean so many different things to many people. It wasn't till we began to discuss these words so many different meanings came out. At each workshop everybody is given the opportunity to speak on the chosen word and what it meant to them whether from personal experience or which ever words came to that person. I have found this to be helpful for me as it is not easy to stand and talk in front of people, it has helped to build my confidence for speaking in public.
I know that David is continuing with these workshops, I will try to attend as many as I can, it has certainly helped me on my spiritual pathway, it also brings like minded people together.
Thank you

Hi David,
Just want to thank you for an inspirational weekend at Cleveleys. I attended your brilliant workshop on Saturday and you gave me a reading on Monday (I was the confused person who asked spirit for guidance as to which direction my spiritual path was heading) I just felt I had to let you know that I have just come from a healing service at Cleveleys and I was introduced to a lady whose name was one of the names you gave me in my reading. This lady is a reiki healer as well as a spiritual healer and has invited me to her reiki share as well as starting my healing course with the church.
I know this is probably confusing to you but I feel it all makes perfect sense to me and I feel I now know which way my path lies. I also believe that our paths were meant to cross this weekend because after speaking with you everything now makes perfect sense to me and once again I would like to say a big thank you.
Hope It won't be too long before you are back up here again.
Love and Light
Sue x

I came to join David’s circle in what I would regard as a round about manner. I had seen mediums in the past with the objective of helping me make what I considered to be difficult life decisions, but had reached a point where I felt that I had become too dependent upon “others people’s views”. I therefore sought the freedom to have greater control and understanding over my own life. I had contacted several groups regarding joining a circle to learn about personal mediumship over a 6 month period, but for various reasons, none of these approaches ever materialised into anything concrete. I then happened to go through what I would call (when things don’t seem to be going one’s way) yet another crisis and met David Cole for a reading. A few weeks later, out of the blue, without any discussion on the subject, David called and asked me whether I would like to join his circle. It seemed like an opportunity not to be missed and I joined feeling excited, (but somewhat nervous) about the prospect of mediumship

I have been in circle for approximately 2 years and when I look back, I can see a tremendous change in my understanding. When viewed from the outside, I certainly took many aspects for granted, but having to stand up and engage with spirit personally, was a completely different ball game for me. I have come to realise that probably the most important aspect is to remain centred and to trust. Trust that when I stand up in circle, I can and will be able to communicate with spirit and deliver an honest and accurate message to the chosen recipient. So many times when my turn has come, I have stood up, not knowing whether or not I will be able to receive any communication. All circle members have been strongly encouraged to start talking immediately upon standing up and not to “think” and although I have found this hard, I have often been amazed at the messages that I have given. It hasn’t always worked, nor has it always been easy, but when it works well, I have this inner knowing that the message is “right” and I have to admit that giving an accurate “reading” to a recipient provides a great deal of pleasure/satisfaction, which I hope is not ego driven, but more related to “giving to others”. On occasions, I have had physical sensations as well as the “seeing” sensations within my mind.
There are still many unanswered questions for me, and this quest for the “truth” about life and why we are here still feeds my fascination with the spirit world today. I have come to view our existence in different manner to that of two years ago and recognise that there will always be challenges in one’s life, right up to the point at which we die. However, if one can develop a positive attitude to everyone and everything around us (not always that easy to achieve) and have confidence and faith that there is a purpose to all of our life experiences then those difficult periods can be navigated with much less pain. We can regain that “gratitude” for living and find joys and pleasures beyond the purely materialistic side of life that so many of us seem to have got so hung-up on in today’s consumer-driven society. Ashley B

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