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Attendances at Spiritualist churches are increasing and, with a growing interest in the movement through programmes like Psychic Detective and Crossing Over on satellite TV, many are finding that they have many questions that they need answering.

David has a series of informal and interactive workshops and seminars held either at his home sanctuary or at some of the spiritualist churches he visits. These cover a whole range of subjects, but focus mainly on the basics of mediumship and spirit philosophy and how you attune yourself and develop.

A full-day seminar consists of a general introduction by David and the covering of several topics with plenty of time to get involved yourself. The groups are kept down to 8-10 people so that everyone gets the attention they deserve. These are interactive sessions, so there will be ample opportunity to ask questions and to get involved. But do not worry, with his calm and supportive manner David will encourage all to experience the wonder of spirit for themselves.

David schedules seminars at churches and centres all around the UK. If you would like him to work at your church or arrange a seminar in your area and you can bring along some equally inquisitive friends and associates, please email your enquiry to David in the first instance.


Below are some typical agendas for some of David's workshops and seminars. However, if you prefer, he will be pleased to discuss your specific interests and requirements and prepare a special agenda of teachings and workshops to suit your needs.

  • Awareness Workshop - Part 1
    • ~ Living your life with Spirit's principles
    • ~ Knowing your vibrations
    • ~ Questions and discussion over lunch
    • ~ Understanding your awareness
    • ~ Connections with Spirit
    • ~ Questions
  • Awareness Workshop - Part 2
    • ~ So you want to be a spiritual medium
    • ~ Spiritual and Psychic Medium differences
    • ~ Recognising my Mediumship type
    • ~ Questions and discussion over lunch
    • ~ Showing the way forward
    • ~ Making Spirit connection
    • ~ The proof lies within
    • ~ Questions
  • Healing Workshop
    • ~ Working with the SNU Code of Conduct
    • ~ Definitions
    • ~ Objects
    • ~ Advertising
    • ~ Healer and Patient Relationship
    • ~ Insurance, Healing and the Law
    • ~ Ethics & GMC Policy
    • ~ Positive Approach to Patients
  • Philosophy Workshop
  • The are too many topics of discussion to list here as an example of a philosophy workshop and David will consider the appropriate items to include based on the expected audience of each event and through consultation with the event organiser.

  • However, some points of discussion include:
    • ~ Student of Life
    • ~ Had I known then what I know now
    • ~ Do you really want to learn?
    • ~ Discovering truth through learning
    • ~ The responsibility of truth
    • ~ Seek your learning with a passion
    • ~ ... and many more ...

Email for more details.


David also does 1-2-1 Spiritual Readings for individuals, along with platform mediumship and demonstrations for groups of people. Please email David if you would like to book him for one of these services.

"We just need to reach out and touch another's soul and communicate: We can all do it ... we just have to want to do it."