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Introducing David

David Cole is one of the country's foremost mediums, and he tirelessly serves at Spiritualist Churches around the country and increasingly travels abroad with his work.
As well as his church work, David devotes his time to the cause by practicing and teaching healing at Maidenhead Spiritualist Church in Berkshire,
running seminars and classes either at his home or around the country, holding circles for development mediums and taking private readings.
London-born David spent most of his life as an arch sceptic of Spiritualism until a family bereavement knocked his world off its axis.
At a complete loss to come to terms with the event, David's dear wife Carol (who has since passed on to the Spirit world herself) finally convinced him to see a medium.
He was taken aback to be given evidence of continuing life after death - which is still the mantra in all of his Spiritual work - and was dumbfounded when he was told that he was a natural medium himself.
After much more heel digging David was forced along to his first developing circle,
was asked to stand up, spoke what he thought was a load of nonsense that just flowed out, and was then shocked that the recipient could take every word.
David has not looked back since. Very quickly David graduated from the development circle and was soon visiting churches and giving demonstrations of mediumship,
firstly in his local Berkshire area but soon further and further afield as word of his excellent evidence got around. Soon David and Carol found that they were travelling out to all parts of the country around four to fives times each week to serve churches and spread the word.

Carol David

The virtue of True Love is not finding the perfect
Person but loving the imperfect person perfectly.
Love doesn't have happy endings,
because it simply doesn't end


David Cole believes that his one duty in doing his church work and private readings is giving proof of survival.
If you see him on platform or on a one-to-one basis he will give evidence of things around and maybe even things to come, but the prime purpose is to instill in people the knowledge that life continues after death. David was brought up as a Christian and has learned much about his faith and has respected many other religions on his journey.
However, he always maintains that, whatever religious doctrines are preached from texts whose origins are unknown, Spiritualism is the only faith that proves here and now that there is an afterlife. SNU Certificate of Recognition award holder for demonstrating and spiritual healing.

Please contact me if you wish to book for a private sitting, or public demonstration. Contact at david@spiritual-truth.co.uk

Working Abroad

Spiritualism knows no boundaries nor borders, and David is usually attuned to Spirit wherever he travels, sometimes even when on holiday and he wishes it could be switched off! But he also knows that once you are working for them they will not let you go.
In the past couple of years since Carol's passing David has travelled and explored the Middle East, always anxious to be dressed correctly and keen not to offend anyone else's beliefs with details of his own.
This was especially so when he travelled to Iran recently to sample what he found to be a warm and friendly country filled with spiritual people unaware of the political machinations of their own government but fully aware of the threats being made by other governments to them.
How then to tell a guide taking him around an ancient monument that her deceased grandfather was walking with them? Luckily the guide was perceptive herself and asked why David seemed 'different'. When he gathered the courage to tell her,
it was only a matter of hours before he was taken back to the family home and bringing through evidence for various family members who accepted it all.

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On that journey, David found out more than anything that our perception of countries that are negatively featured in the media is not the truth from the ground. Indeed, Iran has some 60,000 adherents
of Zoroastrianism an ancient Persian religion that has many similarities to Spiritualism, he found It
has churches and ministers too, and they live within and side by side with the accepted strict Islam regime.
In his travels David has found one underlying factor everywhere. People are no different from race to race
and country to country, and all have a spirit within that can either be hidden or be brought to the fore.


At the time David realised that he could communicate with Spirit he also found that he could channel healing energies as well.
And from early on he has worked with these energies regularly on Wednesday afternoons at Maidenhead, UK. And he has fitted that in alongside being a husband,
a father and a grandfather and running his own business. However, he quickly realised that Spirit took precedence over his career, to the point that he is now semi-retired, but not from Spirit of course!
As well as healing David has become a teacher of healing and recently was given an SNU Certificate of Recognition award holder for demonstrating and spiritual healing.

As a final note to these principles, Spiritualism, through an intelligent and thorough investigation of its Seven Principles, reveals the understanding, the deepest significance of service to others and transforms life from selfishness to unselfishness, from individualism to social co-operation. Only on such a foundation can love and truth and all other spiritual values have any practical meaning or reality.

Email David:david@spiritual-truth.co.uk