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That can be very hard or very easy to explain. How do you explain to someone, something that most people don't or can't see? But, with the right kind of training and skills a developed healer, who is in an attunement with themselves and the patient, can give an energised feeling of spirit and well being. Feelings of hot or cold energies around the patient. These are energies and forces that come from the world of Spirit, using the Healer Medium as a channel - 'From Spirit, through Spirit, into Spirit'.

Spiritual Healing is seen today as complementary therapy, and not alternative therapy. Any NHS patients can now request Spiritual Healing from their doctor, provided that doctor treating the patient is informed. UK Government policy permits a doctor to use or prescribe Spiritual Healing. All forms of healing should be simple. First, it is critical that the healer should be in attunement with the Spirit Energies and with the patient. Only when the healer feels that they are sufficiently attuned should they place their hands gently on the patient and of course with their consent.

There are different ways of showing how it takes place, the most common ways are:

  • this is where the healer places their hands directly upon the patient's shoulders, head, or the back allowing the spirit world to channel Spirit energies through the spirit of the healer into the spirit of the patient. Both healer and patient can feel the benefit of this form of healing. It is the easiest thing that man can do for someone else.

  • this is where a healer will hold their hands away from the patient's body to channel the Spirit energies, normally about 3 or 4 inches away.

  • this is where the healer is in the same room or place as the recipient and sends out healing thoughts to that person without any contact or fuss and in most cases the person does not even know anything about it.

  • this is where the healer and patient may be far away from each other. They can be in different parts of the world, but still feel the healing sent from healer to that person. Again, the patient may not even have to know it's happening.

    I run Healing workshops at my spiritualist church where I use small exercises to help trainees to understand how to attune themselves.
    As noted above, Spiritual Healing is a complementary therapy and no Healer should ever guarantee a cure for any condition. Nor should they provide massage, manipulation, or diagnosis symptoms. These are the responsibility of Doctors and specialists - unless the Healer can prove their qualifications in any of these fields - and a Healer should never ask a patient to remove any clothing.
    A Healing session can last as long as it takes, but this is usually about 20 minutes. Most times the patient will sit on chair or lie on a couch whilst the healer works around the body. Making sure that the patient is feeling comfortable at all times. A patient should never be in a position where they feel uncomfortable with the healer or his actions.
    Distant or Absent Healing is a very effective by just simply sending out the thoughts of healing energy where it is best needed.
    Spiritual healing is not just for the body,it is for the mind and/or for the Spirit that is within us all.
    If you need healing to be given the best place to go is to a Spiritualist church where most healers have been trained to a high standard,training for two years or more before coming an approved healer. There should be no charge for healing, but donations can be offered and accepted. However, depending on your location for a home visit, the cost for travelling expenses is reasonable.

  • Spiritual healing comes from Spirit, through Spirit (the healer) and into the Spirit (the patient).
    In my view teaching trainee healers how to attune before giving healing to a patient is the most important part of the healing process. One of the ways to do this is by a short prayer asking the spirits to use us as a channel for the patient to receive the healing, as it is known for the healing to come from spirit through spirit into spirit. By placing our hands upon the patient (after getting agreement from the patient if they require hands on healing) allowing the spiritual energies to change within and through us, once we feel the attunement has taken place the healing process can begin.

Exercises for Healing Leaders to Teach Student Healers


One simple exercise: Without placing any hands on the patient a colleague is to stand behind them about one foot away from the patient. Ask the patient to let you know when the energy changes around them. Slowly bring one hand towards the patient allowing both healer and patient to feel the energy changes, attunement has started to take place. Slowly bringing the other hand towards the patient, should bring a change of energy, attunement should now be complete.


From behind, place both hands on the patient, (a colleague's shoulders) and allow the patient to feel the energy flow. Without the patient knowing, replace one hand with the hand of a different healer. The patient should feel the change of energy
(heat, cold, tingling and any other vibration or maybe nothing at all). After getting feedback from the patient whether there was any change in the energy flow, remove the second healers hand and replace with the first healers hand, requiring feedback from the patient of any energy change. This could bring a better understanding of energy exchange.


From behind, place both hands on the patient, (a colleague's shoulders) and allow the patient to feel the energy flow. Without the patient knowing, replace both hands from another healer without any attunement. The patient should feel the change of energy, (energy going down or no healing energy at all). This should help the student healers to understand and feel the flow of the spirit energies attunement within a training seminar.


Without the patient knowing bring in two healers standing behind, one male one female (if possible) allowing the patient to identify the difference within the energies. Placing one hand of each healer on the shoulders of the patient, ask the patient how they feel, and if there are equal energies flowing, the patient may feel one side stronger that the other (heat, cold, tingling or nothing at all). If the patient feels uncomfortable from one side or another, there would be a need to bring a balance back to the patient, by allowing one of the healers to stand back replacing the hand of the other healer.

Remember, Spiritual healing is not just for the body it is for the mind and/or for the Spirit that is within us all.

"We just need to reach out and touch another's soul and communicate: We can all do it ... we just have to want to do it."