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Great time had by all

At Eastbourne Seminar 2010

On going Workshops: through out the weekend Psychometry,
Reading the Tea Leaves, Crystals and Crystal Healing,
Inspirational Writing and Drawing
Mediumship and Psychic Art Mediumship development
Meditation and Spiritual Healing each day, Private Readings


Reading Tea Leaves are Diana, Pat, and Jan with Pat


Maureen,Will, and Roger
from Germany, Trying
their hand at sand reading.

Sand reading along with Jan,
John, and Ivy.


Mary Anne from the USA learning about sand reading with
Sheila, Catherine, and Barbara

Gilly, getting her Small Circle groups ready for
Mediumship development


With all the work going on some people still found time
to relax over looking the Beach


Old and new friends coming together


Having fun and getting on
with each other


Nothing was going to stop Anita
from coming this year.

June, got so much out of this year
for the first time she can see, hear
and feel Spirit.


Hotel staff dressed up on pink-day and made us feel really welcome

Sunday the 31st the night the Witches
( Welcome to Halloween )
Halloween 2010 where you can share Halloween ideas,
spooky stories, ghostly greetings, jokes, have fun and
laugh the night away and much more


Janet a bit off colour
but looking better than she has ever done.


Maureen and Barbara
getting their brooms ready

       Roy thinks
we've all gone mad.

Gilly ready to take
Anita other aim off


That's better Janet

               I know this OLD Witch

        she not a witch,
    it's Mummy with
                                                                                                                          Baby Boy Roger


Three Wise Witches giving a
Demonstration of Clairvoyance
Anita,Janet, and Sandra

John thinking
what to do next


Sharon,Janet and Fatima, three Witches of Maidenhead Church ?


Diana, Knows what it's all about now, see June and Jean back there?


Fatima from the Middle east still waiting for the Treat
"Trick?" or "Treat?"
At the end of the witches night Pat from Uxbridge, with the rest of us went
out on the Beach with 10 Chinese Sky Lanterns and
launch them out into the night sky's towards the sea
always read the 10 point Safety Check before Launching Sky Lanterns



John waits for lift off

                Up Up and away

Fatima holds on                


We have Burn OFF


We have take off                

Also a big thanks to you all for Raising a total of £ 578.00 for charity over this weekend, well done to every body .

We would like to thank Sandra and Barry for giving up their time and doing the Healing over this weekend.