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I have had many Spiritual experiences throughout my life, albeit in the earlier years I did not necessarily consider them for what they were. Through my journey to Spiritual awareness and now actively working for spirit I am still often amazed at how clever spirit are and I am pleased to share some of my exeriences below:

A Life Changing Message From Spirit


It was January 2004. It had been 11 months since my wife Carol had passed to spirit. I will never forget that day as long as I live. I was standing at the kitchen sink not even thinking about the world of Spirit and suddenly I heard spirit saying: "By this time next year your business will be gone or going and you will be travelling as an ambassador for the spirit world," and the last thing they said was, "someone will come into your life, they will turn it upside down Spiritually and emotionally and you will be partners for the rest of your lives."

I being me, wrongly thought that this mysterious new person in my life was going to be a well known medium or something, someone who would teach me something Spiritual at a seminar or workshop.

I was also thinking that I could not do any travelling because I do not have the time. What about my Business? I was not thinking about what they just said - 'it will be gone or going'. Sure enough as the months passed I began to lose my contracts and there were no new contracts to take their place. But, I seemed not to care, I had a feeling that this was right and that I was right to let the business go.

By the end of April my business was going fast. At this time I had a phone call from a lady asking me if I would serve her church in Blackpool along with a few more in the area - a mini Spiritual tour a long way from home. Feeling a little apprehensive I said that I would have to think about it and could I call her back later in the week. Then two or three days later I received another phone call from a lady in north Wales asking me to do a service there. I asked her if I could think about it and get back to her too.

I was feeling quite scared about the thought of travelling around the country to do church services. I was thinking, 'I can't do this, I am turning away from my comfort zone and the life I have worked so hard to build'. Then suddenly my wife Carol came to me from spirit and said, "you must do this, I gave up my life so you can do this, to have the freedom to work for Spirit". I picked up the telephone to both ladies and told them I would be pleased work for their Churches.

The rest is history. As spirit had told me on that day in January 2004 my business has gone and now I happily work full time for spirit around the UK, knowing that they and Carol are always with me.

The Feathers



As Spirit had told me in early 2004 I met someone in the autumn of that year who was to turn my life upside down. We met by chance and spent a number of months talking and getting to know each other over the Internet. Eventually, we met again over dinner. At that meeting Spirit said to me "this is the one" which I asked them to repeat and they did. I felt straight away we were to be together for life.

Regrettably after some time the differences in our beliefs and honesty came between us. Although I believed, still believe and Spirit continues to tell me, that this person is my soulmate for life. I finished the relationship that had been a turning point in my life. It had been my first and only meaningful and loving relationship since my dear wife passed.

Although I finished the relationship it was very hard for me to let go of my fundamental and deep love for this person, I couldn't and wouldn't see the wood for the trees.

For days, weeks and months, I would pray to God to bring them back to me, but nothing ever happened. I couldn't eat or sleep; I lost weight and became very low. It seemed I couldn't do anything right in my life. However, despite my personal feelings at the time, when it came to working for Spirit in Church services they were always there giving me the hope and trust that things would work out ok.

A little while later, I heard that there was a chance we could meet again, but I heard nothing more. I was feeling very sad and low, I asked the Spirit world to give me the healing, love and light that I was in great need of. I felt nothing, I heard nothing, feeling even lower than before, for days I couldn't think, eat, or sleep.

A few days on I remembered that a year before I had met a Spiritual lady who told me in times of need to just ask the Spirit world to give proof that they are there and listening to my/our prayers. She told me just ask for a feather and I will get one!

So I asked Spirit, "Please if my soulmate is coming back to me, just give me a feather". Two days later I went upstairs to get ready to go out and in my dressing room under the chair there was a white feather. I stood there just looking at it; I couldn't believe what I was seeing, so I left it there and said to Spirit, "is this to tell me that they are coming back?" But I needed more proof and I asked Spirit for another feather. Five days passed and then again I went to get ready to go out, and there, four inches from the first feather was another one. I couldn't believe my eyes, I felt very emotional but I still would not accept they were from Spirit.

If you have read my 'life changing message from spirit' experience you will remember that my travels as an ambassador for spirit were to begin in Blackpool and north Wales. Well, as I went to get my suit case ready for that first Spiritual tour I was once again surprised to see yet another feather under the chair, ten inches away from the first one. I stood there and just cried. I knew then that my soulmate was coming back to me and I believed that I could absolutely trust spirit. I left the three feathers on the floor under the chair, and said to Spirit that I was going away and when I came back I did not want a fourth one - despite my trust in Spirit, I still felt the need to ask for more proof.

I left my house the following day for nearly two weeks ... when I arrived home from tour I went upstairs to see if the feathers were still just three. I was taken aback to see that there were only two feathers. What did this mean? Why would they take only one away? Sure they did not give a fourth feather as I had asked, but taking one away did not make sense to me? I kept asking why they would do this, what did it mean?

Just going with the flow I got on with my chores then my son came in to see me. As we talked I asked him if he had cleaned up for me whilst I was away? He told me that everything was done and went on to say that he found a feather in my dressing room. I asked him what he did with it. He said he threw it away. This made sense to me and why there were only two feathers left. However, it remained a little strange why my son only mentioned the one feather he threw away and not the other two that remained - they were all only a few inches apart when I left the house.

A few days later I asked Spirit to replace the missing feather. Four days later it had been replaced by a small white feather under the chair, picking them up placing them in a box, I just could not believe it. How much proof would I need? Spirit had not failed to give what I asked for, but still I asked for more proof ...

I asked Spirit to give my friends and family feathers for me and sure enough they did. My friends and family were phoning me telling me that they have found feathers in their houses, cars, dining rooms etc. All through these months of asking and Spirit providing, they kept telling me that my soulmate would return.

One of the more notable and unusual instances was one day when I was feeling happy as a result of a message from a family member about a feather she had found in an unusual place. Just before leaving home to visit some friends, I phoned them to say I was on my way; I was told by my friend�s wife that she was not happy; when I asked what was wrong, she suggested that I ask Spirit and see if they could give me the answer whilst on my journey to their home.

As I got into my car, I saw in my mind�s eye, the friend giving me a feather. Not understanding this message, I drove off. Then, whilst driving down the road, Spirit told me that my friend�s wife was not happy because her husband had caused some damage in the house.

On my arrival, my friend asked if Spirit had given me an answer � I said that I knew it was about some damage, and something about a bird. Then I found out � a bird had fallen down the chimney and although his wife was cooking our lunch, my friend had taken down the newly fitted kitchen wall cupboard and knocked a hole in the wall behind it to get the bird out. With that in mind and knowing what I had asked Spirit for, I could have cried when the friend turned to me and handed me .......3 feathers.

Despite this continual proof from Spirit I kept pushing and they kept providing, such is the trust, belief and perseverance of Spirit. So I asked for one final feather, to be given from one of the most important people in my life, my innocent and unknowing little grandson. He had to give me the final proof. He had to give it to me himself without prompting or encouragement from anyone, I told no-one of this request.

On Fathers day my son visited me with my grandson. I was in my office. I heard, "there you are Grandad" and the little man put two feathers on my desk ... I'll ask no more of Spirit, their belief in me and messages are phenomenal!

As we have been told there is no time in the Spirit world, no days or nights; everything is the here and now. Here on Earth however, we need to wait for things to happen and take place.

For all those who discover the secret of just "Waiting" the results are miraculous. No matter how desperate or hopeless a situation anyone encounters there is something that will change and something will come about that will make this precious life worth living.

At this time of writing, I still await the return and reconciliation with my loved one, but now I absolutely know it will happen and most recent events have told me that people close to me are talking with my soulmate. In any event Spirit were right as usual: That mysterious person did turn my life upside down both Spiritually and emotionally and I know for sure that even if we never get together again, we will always be soulmates and never forget each other .......

Little did I realise that the travel spirit told me I was to undertake in that Life Changing Message in January 2004 would take me far beyond my travels around the UK whilst working for them.

It was in September of 2004 duing a Monday evening Circle. I started to get on with teaching my Students, just thinking it was going to be a normal Monday evening, when one of my students - Joan Atlee - stood up to get communication with spirit and suddenly she said that she had seven men with her from Spirit and that they were having a meeting, a meeting about me? She went on to say they were talking about my safety because I was going to the Middle East. I was shocked because I knew what she was saying as I had been told by spirit myself a few months before. Joan said that I would be going there within eighteen months to two years and she went on to say that she was being shown much about the middle east. Then said, "it looks like Palestine, you will be going out there to work and maybe staying out there, but you will be coming back home to the UK. You will be going for the wisdom and to gain more Spirituality". I knew at that time I would be going to Iran but didn't know how, or why.

Mashhad - North Iran

Inexplicably, as the weeks and months followed that circle evening, Iranian people began to attend some of my working visits to Spiritualist churchs around North London, Harrow, Fulham and Uxbridge Spiritualist centre. When I spoke to them they said they had never been in a Spiritualist church before but they had the feeling on those days to come to a church but none of them understood the reasons why. Some of these people became my friends and eventually I was invited to go to Iran, not just to the tourist attractions, but off the beaten track where I spent time living with some of the people within their normal daily lives.

The visit to Iran turned out to be one the most powerful Spiritual experiences in my life to date. Not just for the people I met or the places I visited, but the whole atmosphere and way of life in the country.

Iran - Inner Peace

I was invited to go to Iran by a friend and despite the concerns of my friends and family I felt drawn to go. I was not concerned with any considerations for safety, I just had to go.

Inner Peace

My time in Iran was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The love, friendship and kindness shown to me by the Iranian people was both amazing and humbling and their lives are no different from most people's, with the same old work, money and general living issues we all face. Although I was alone in a so called hostile environment (according to western press) and did not know the lingo, I immediately felt at ease as soon as I stepped off of the aircraft.

I soon realised that the people of Iran are dedicated to their belief in Allah and they - like all muslims - hold the same Spiritual beliefs as myself and many others in the West. They believe in the afterlife and goodwill to all mankind. They support each other through life as we do and strive to be good to everyone like brothers and sisters. The family that I spent a lot of time with were superb hosts and welcomed me into their home with open arms. I wanted for nothing and they showed me nothing but kindness. The mother of the family treated me like her own son and always made sure I was cared for by the rest of the family. Even when I was out travelling around the country she would phone her son, my friend, to make sure I had eaten that day. She understood without being told that I saw Spirit. She too saw Spirit.

Iranian Mother

Iranian Mother

Sadly sometime after my return to the UK she passed away.
I say sadly for the family as I know she is well and happy in the afterlife as she has communicated through me a few times to give messages to her son.

Zoroastrian Temple

I travelled many miles visiting towns and cities throughout Iran during my stay.I tried to learn as much as I could about the religion of Islam and 'Zoroastrianism', as I found out when visiting one of the temples. Those people are respected very much by the people there, just as Spiritualism runs alongside other Religions here. This religion is over 6000 years old.No matter what someone's belief is, we can all live along side each other in peace and love, if we tried and wanted to. I always remained mindful of their beliefs. I lived with them and like them, respecting their way of life.Wherever I went in the country I constantly felt a strong sense of Spirituality.

I experienced many Spiritual events in Iran and one particular memory was in Shiraz in the south of the coutry. I visited the shrine of Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad Hafez Shiraza who was born in Shiraz in 726 AH and died in 803 AH. During his life he became one of the greatest Persian poets of his time. His life's work was to serve the people of his country. It was there that I found an overwhelming feeling of love, happiness, tranquility and peace. The shrine is a place where the Iranian people go to when they have a need for Spiritual support in their lives. It is a place of pilgrimage for people who are seeking the truth within themselves and to get answers to burning questions. Legend states; if you ask a question of the Hafez book of poems then it will be answered in the pages the book opens to. There were hundreds of people at the shrine of all ages holding Hafez books, some crying, some waiting and all asking their most desired questions. Many I spoke to had had their questions answered and many had received the answer to truth. Hafez Shrine I had a question I needed the answer to and kneeling down at the shrine I asked my question. Spirit were with me and I listened to their answer. It was mind blowing and I became very emotional, I could not believe what I has just heard. I purchased a copy of the Hafez book and open it at a random page. Again I was shocked as I read the poem and received the same answer. Finally, as I left the grounds of the shrine, there was an old man with a budgie on his arm selling tickets of life decisions. I bought one and asked my friend to translate it ... once again it was the same answer!

Hafez Shrine Entrance

Hafez Shrine Entrance

I knew then that the Spiritual feeling I had received and being drawn to go to Iran were right ... this had been my pilgrimage. this had been a journey of reflection, reconciliation and inspiration.

When I left Iran I knew this had been my journey of a lifetime. I had now found and understood Spiritual Truth. Now I have inner peace and a better understanding of myself. Who I am; What I am; and Where I am going. I look forward with hope in my heart for everyone in that they may find 'Inner Peace' for themselves.