No Borders Nor Boundaries


I would like to thank my Host and good friends, Yvonne and Roger Pols, for all their hard work in arranging and translating for me over the two weeks with Seminar, Healing workshops, demonstration and sittings.



My visit to Germany this year turned out to be one the most wonderful and Spiritual experiences ever, not just for the people I met or the places I visited, but the whole atmosphere and the way of life in the country, with some of the most beautiful countryside … near Eschbach, about 40Km from Freiburg.


I arrived in Germany on the 4th of May, My first day of work was the next morning. So I got up had breakfast to be ready by 10.30 for the first sitting, Yvonne and I went down to the sanctuary, and just out of the blue some music started to play, both Yvonne and I looked at each other and thought the CD belonged to the other one, neither one of us had ever seen this CD or heard it before. We had no Idea how it got into her sanctuary I manage to get hold of a copy and brought it home because it is so beautiful to listen to.

After arriving back home to England we had our first circle on Monday the 23rd of May at 7.30 pm, I open the evening and we went in to our Quit time. I played the CD for the students to listen to, Twenty minutes later when the CD finished I ask one of the students to stand up and get a spirit person and give evidence, Fatima said while she was listening to the music she could hear a little girl talking to her, saying she was lost and her name is Lucy, she past at the age of 9 years old and she drowned in the a river, her parents were still suffering and hurting with lots of pain they had many problems since the lost of their Daughter Dying like she did.
I ask Fatima who do you believe you are with?? she said Jannet can you understand this little girl? Janet said yes, she knows of the little girl called Lucy who past away by drowning and she was 9 years old, Lucy went on to say her parents and her family don’t talk about her any more and they seem to have forgotten her, she feels that she is lost and doesn’t know how to get back home to her family. After Fatima gave all the information to Janet, Janet could take and understand it all, we ask Lucy to turn around and face the light to return home to the Spirit world, seeing her smiling face as she went in to the light I knew she would be fine and happy now.



It was really a amazing evening by what we all just heard, then I told the students about the CD we found in Yvonne’s sanctuary. The name of the CD is called ( Spirit of the waterfall ) by Richard Newall.

I telephoned Yvonne the next morning to tell her about our circle and Yvonne said the name of Lucy meant “Light” and it comes from the name of Lucy as a girl’s name is pronounced LOO-see. It is of Latin origin.

This was my 4th invite to Germany, the love and friendship the people there
shown to me with kindness were both amazing and wonderful, they opened up
their hearts to me showing that their lives is no different from most other
people’s around the world.

Working in small groups of around 10 to 20 people at a time include Healing, Spiritual Awareness, and Mediumship, workshops seem to be the main key on how things went for the students, and with the teaching. Giving each person the time they needed to ask their questions The students come from all different kinds of back ground with different understandings, however they were walking their own Spiritual understanding and pathway, some of them had never been to a workshop before and really didn’t know what to expect but by the end of the day every body seemed to be very happy and said they had got so much out of the workshop.

I was asked, if I could make a special journey to see a man who wanted to meet me for a sitting, but he couldn’t come to me, there seemed to be a real need for him to have this sitting. So Juliane took us to her birthplace in Kolbingen on the Heuberg.Which is about 220 km a two hours drive from Eschback. There I met a man and his family and did 3 sittings, all the spirit people that came through, I was told later that they could all be excepted, they were very pleased with their communication with their loved one’s. Afterwards we stayed and had lunch with the family on their Farm



A night off, one evening we drove to “Kandel” a mountaintop with wonderful views over looking the black forest, the peace and tranquillity with the natural and beautiful scene’s. There we had a “light” evening meal.


One evening I was doing a seminar about Self-healing and healing in general – 9 happy people attended, But I had forgotten the finishing time as Germany’s time is one hour ahead of us here in England. We should have finished at 9pm, but finished at 10pm, but no one seemed to care as they were all enjoying the evening. ( very late Dinner.) The next morning Yvonne, Roger, Hilda, and myself went down to the sanctuary each one of us on a healing couch listening to some nice relaxing music for 20 minutes, doing self-healing. Setting us up ready for the day ahead.


An ex-Student and friend of mine called Klaus Mori who now works in Geramny as a medium, use to come to my seminars a few years ago, has worked with me in England to get his CSNU took us out on my last evening for dinner to a lovely German restaurant, set in the hills of the black forest, so nice catching up with him and listening to some of his experiences working with Spirit. Klaus also donated some money from his circle for the “Friends of Gaza” Appeal. I thank you and your friends from your circle for their support




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