March on to London 2014

Protest demonstration in London on Saturday 19th July 2014 We the committee of the “Friends of Gaza” marched proudly with an estimated 100,000 other people of all nationalities to protest against the inhumane war being dealt by Israel against the people in Gaza. You may see us smiling and that is because we were happy to be doing “our little bit” to raise awareness; the only thing we could do, underneath that smile you have no idea how we really felt or the sadness of feeling so helpless. What is happening is nothing short of genocide where innocent people and children are being slaughtered on a whim of so called “seeking out Hammas and their missiles” David and I make no apologies’ for the photos we are currently showing mainly on Face Book which are coming directly to us via our friends in Gaza showing the abhorrent truth. Yes we know they will upset some people but unless the truth is shown how on earth can we fully understand the horror this war brings, or begin to understand exactly what these poor people are suffering.

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Speaking from experience having spent nearly a month there last year with David, my heart goes out to them; I cannot describe in words just how I’m feeling inside right now because I’ve never felt like this before. So here are a few facts I know to be true, from my experience there and from reliable sources in Gaza; The media would have you believe the people in Gaza have somewhere to go Fact: They have nowhere to go; nowhere to hide; there is no shelter for them, there is a 40 foot high wall surrounding Gaza trapping them inside and the only two exits on either side are through Israel and Egypt. They are imprisoned with no escape.                                  20140719_122006   20140719_133155      20140719_133209   20140719_122304    Fact: to date and still rising daily 50,000 people are displaced Fact: 80% are without electricity Fact: 900,000 have no access to water Fact: at least 562 killed, more than 70 children killed since the violence began and still rising daily Fact: 3,100 Palestinians injured so far, 600 children and 500 women Fact: the lucky ones it fluctuates between 2-4 hours of electricity a day Fact: 60,000 families are seeking shelter in schools that are running out of room Fact: most people killed since the bombing are families Fact: there is a dire shortage of food, water, drugs for the hospitals, the sewers are over flowing from the bombing and what little sanitation is left has been affected Let me pose you some questions because I’ve thought about this myself and I honestly don’t know how I could cope; How would you feel? How would you cope in the hot temperatures of 40 degrees plus knowing you couldn’t wash, you couldn’t have a cold drink, you had very limited food, you couldn’t relax at home that’s if you had one left to go back to, you have nowhere to go?. It doesn’t bear thinking about does it, yet this is a fact of life that’s happening right now to people who only want to live a normal life like you and I.                          10468101_656435441097211_8654955686945269259_n  We know that our representative in Gaza is alive as I’ve had contact with him today, what we don’t know is the fate of those families and children we are currently supporting. Yes I feel very emotional as do all the committee and I know many of you also do by the support and donations you’ve already kindly shown and given. To conclude all I can say is the “Friends of Gaza” will need all the help we can get via donations to further support these people and God knows they will need it when this present conflict ends and we pray to God it will be very soon. Marion Chilver, secretary For and on behalf of the committee for the “Friends of Gaza” Our treasurer will be happy to receive any donations, cheques made payable to the “Friends of Gaza” and sent to: Janette Brett 6 Fairfield Road Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 7AL                                                                                      10403580_669781053105865_6346987317321665415_n    protest3    Smoke from the explosion of an Israeli strike rise over Gaza City      Since the recent bombings, from the 8th July until now, resulting in the total devastation of this tiny enclave, this need has been exacerbated and it is more important than ever that we progress with this work in order that the children of the area can at least look forward to a brighter future. Over 2080 people have been killed in the raids, including 1700 civilians, 564 are Children under the age of 18 years old, Mean while over 10000 are injured, some 75% of them are children. It has always been out remit to make a were the plight of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.    The ” Friends of Gaza” Committee took to the streets again, meeting up with old and new Friends.

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26 th July 2014 This time we March from the Israeli Embassy to the House of Parliament

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Gaza Still under Siege and Bombing London this evening at the Israeli Embassy 1 st August 2014 Tens of THOUSANDS out side of the Israeli Embassy tonight showing their support for the people in Gaza.

20140801_172008                                                                         I will always stand with my Jewish and Arab Friends alike. we are all human beings and should live with one another In peace.

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BBC no were to be seen, I guess they were in side the Israeli Embassy have tea with the Zionist. We are all Palestinians, in our hundreds, in our thousands and in our millions. We are all Palestinians

20140801_172045  10553474_10203558144825462_2422418968933228621_n   In solidarity with Palestine!   9th August 2014 I don’t think the BBC knew what hit them today,over 150.000 people took to the streets right to their front door, Free Palestine March from Oxford Street – right up Portland Place was once again full of supporters, letting the BBC know the British public are not happy with the way they are reporting the Genocide in Gaza.

10568830_809515179078756_812279205638641497_n 20140809_123331    20140809_130103    20140809_133559        More people were with the “friends of Gaza” this time, from Oxford Circus Portland Place, Regent Street,Henrietta Place, and Oxford Street full as we made our way down to the U.S Embassy, then on to Speakers Corner at Park Lane.                                                             20140809_142451    20140809_123657    20140809_14234420140809_135601    20140809_123326    20140809_153322   20140823_133210    20140823_130258    20140823_13021720140823_13022820140823_125754 20140823_125124    20140823_124936  ONCE AGAIN THOUSANDS turn out to demonstrate. Since the 8th July the Israelis are still killing the people in Gaza, we are back in London out side NO 10 Downing Street,showing our support for Palestinians, both in Gaza and the West Bank. ( Free Free Palestine) these small coffins represent just some of the 576 children that has been kill in Gaza.

How long will this go on for, Israel needs to be stop from killing at will. The  Friends of Gaza will continue to support these demonstrations                                                      20140823_133251     20140823_133148     20140823_133227

So far there has been 2.123 Killed, 576 of the are children, the U.N.  say at least 75% are Civilians. and over 10.523 have been injured and there’s no let up by Israel.