Floods hit Gaza, 2014

                                             Friends of Gaza

            Blockade, Bombing and NOW flooding Gaza suffering consequences.

Recent floods which swept through Gaza exacerbated suffering in the Gaza Strip.

Because of flooding, over 5,000 persons have had to be evacuated from their homes, where they were trapped by rising waters. They have been taken to shelters around the Strip. About 100 persons have been injured by the storms and floods,

While the west were enjoying the Christmas holidays, the people of Gaza were still trying to save lives and their homes, for the people who are still suffering further humiliation. The Gaza Strip is home to the largest Palestinian refugee population in the Middle East. 80 percent of the territory’s population are refugees who have been displaced upon the establishment of the Israeli regime in 1948.

It has always been our intention the “Friends of Gaza” funds would go to the most needy and very poor people. With that in mind the committee have decided to support vulnerable families and children who are in great need of our help now. We have supported Five new family projects over the last few months. I often wonder when mankind will fully understand that every child deserves the chance to enjoy the fruits of life.

The committee would like to thank all churches, individuals and centres, for their continuing support and helping us with the wonderful donation you have given freely to help the people in Gaza over the last five years.

The faces of the individual Children and their families have been obscured and their names have been withheld for their protection and security.

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Here are some of the families we have helped within the last few months

What a deserving family, the committee were very touched by the photos and we are more than willing to help and support them as best we can

IMG-20131026-WA0003 IMG-20131026-WA0009 IMG-20131026-WA0000

IMG-20131026-WA0001 IMG-20131026-WA0015 IMG-20131026-WA0017

IMG-20131026-WA0032 IMG-20131026-WA0030 IMG-20131026-WA0029

IMG-20131026-WA0002 SAMSUNG 2013-11-26 10.14.30 (2)

2013-11-26 09.40.41 2013-11-26 09.56.40 (2) SAMSUNG

2013-11-26 09.52.05 2013-11-26 09.52.15 (2) 2013-11-26 10.38.43 (2)

2013-11-26 10.38.00 SAMSUNG 2013-12-03 11.05.49 (2)

2013-12-03 11.20.18 2013-12-03 11.06.09 2013-12-03 11.18.32

SAMSUNG 2013-12-07 10.23.43 2013-12-07 09.35.58

2013-12-07 10.05.06 2013-12-07 09.49.28 (2) 2013-12-07 10.07.09

Related to some children who must have prescription drugs or other Medication.

2013-11-30 11.16.01 2013-11-30 11.16.07  SAMSUNG

After the flooding we helped this family they needed winter clothes and bedding for all the family.



SAMSUNG 2013-12-18 15.07.36 2013-12-18 15.07.57

2013-12-18 15.08.36 2013-12-18 15.09.13 2013-12-18 15.11.31

On the 5 th April 2014 the “friends of Gaza” committee will be holding a special evening         to raise money and awareness and an interest in the plight of the children of Gaza

At last we manage to get the money to the  “Hekr El James’a Youth Centre”, in Deir al-Balah. The centre has received the Tables, Chairs and Cupboards. that is much needed, as they lost every thing they had before.                                                                                                                                                                           A Refugee Camp south of Gaza City,

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