Spiritual Truth Seminar 2012

                                           Spiritual Truth Seminar 2012 

The most wonderful few days ever, What a complete success, Such a fantastic Seminar. I‘m already anticipating next year, I have learnt a lot spiritually, I felt I knew everybody for ages, like a big (large) family, Words can´t represent truly the feeling I had. (Just some of the comments from the delegates who sent in letters,cards, emails, and phone calls.)

Once again we had a really truly great weekend at this year’s seminar in Eastbourne with over 35 delegates and tutors came together to work while enjoying the fun and laughter in our learning.The programe consisted of mediumship development for beginners and intermediate, and Mediumship development group for advanced and skilled, Spiritual healing workshop, Philosophy, Trance, Music workshop, and Psychic Art just to name a few.

And once again we had the wonderful tutors namely Robin Hodson, and Richard Newall. Richard started the Wednesday afternoon with a wonderful workshop to get every one in the right frame of mind after their long journey. Some of our old friends came over from Germany and the USA to join us and brought some new friends with them.

Jane and I would like to thank those who helped to make this weekend seminar one to remember, and for the unexpected wonderful gift which was very much appreciated, we also thank people like Simon who helped to run the healing clinic along with the other healers,and Sharon who organized the raffle, not forgetting Janette who booked the private readings for the mediums. We also thank Marion Chilver, Diana Gilroy, and Rev Trish Woods for their Wednesday evening demonstration. and all of the people who took the Meditation each Morning, and for those who sent in photos, cards,letters, email, and phone calls.

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed Eastbourne I certainly came away feeling a lot different than when I went. Jane taught me quite a lot and made me sit back and look at myself in a different way .I have also done some of the things she asked me to do. Take Care  Joy

Hi David, I hope this finds you fit and well. Just a line to say a big THANK YOU for the days spent at Eastbourne it was enlightening and very interesting. I hope you will be able to run another course in the same vain next year. I look forward to the dates then I can put them in the diary before they get hijacked by the other half. Thanks again look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mary B

Hi David I would like to express my thanks to you and Jane Davidson for organising such a fantastic Seminar. Having attended last years Seminar I can truly say this years surpassed all expectations in every way, certainly bringing out many different emotion’s for myself and I know it had the same affect on others I spoke to, it resonated deep within us. The warmth and friendliness must have been felt by all who participated, how lovely it was to meet up with old friends from last year and to meet new ones this year. I’m quite certain it has left profound memories for all of us. Who could forget the last night!!! so much fun and laughter, an opportunity for us all to let our hair down ….tutors and students alike. The hotel, staff,food and service as usual was top class. I am so looking forward to next years seminar, but please …..don’t bring that mask again….its not good for my heart

Marion xx

Jane getting the her room ready for the group

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                                                                            Not sure John knows what’s going on 

I would like to say a big thank you to you David & Jane for the most wonderful few days ever. Everyone got on so well. I loved everyone I met. We had so much fun. I now feel a lot more confident in myself. I look forward to next year.

With love to you both. Sharon. xx

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They have been told they have won a wonderful weekend in Eastbourne


Here you will see some of the group working at the healing workshop,                          Roger working with Maureen and Lorna working with Ann.


Jean is working with Stephanie    Ann giving healing to Roger


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Hello David,

Roger sent me your email. Thank you. One week back in Germany and still having this uplifting, inspiring and warmhearted feeling around me. I really want to say thank you for this indescribable time. Words can´t represent truly the feeling of the bottom of my heart. I felt I knew everybody for ages, like a big (large) family. I´m sure even the sense of humor is part of it. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! When I came back the next evening we worked in our regular group at Yvonne’s and Rogers place. I really appreciate that gift, to trust in the spirit-world. Yvonne asked, what the different today is, compared to the last five years and even now back from England. It is not a question what I want to do in my life and push it forwards, it is a question of what the spiritual-world want I do. Sometimes it is a big valley between it and if I can feel and see it more, the warmhearted flows more than I will expected.           Warm wishes Stephanie 

Hi David.

Some feedback then. OK for website. Well where to start. The hotel was lovely as last year, the rooms are spotless (and that is important to me!), the food plentiful and good and the staff without exception were friendly and helpful. The seminar was a great success I thought and the numbers made all the difference. It was nice last year but comparing it to this year we all had the opportunity to work much more with the smaller classes. It was well organised too (I did have a few programmes though !). There was something for everyone and the fact that you could move freely from one class to another was ideal. I felt that I have learnt a lot spiritually and it was so nice to see some of the same people as last year and meet some new people this year. Will look forward to seeing them next year. Yes, would like to come next year if you can run one. Jane was my tutor for most classes and was one of the best tutors I have ever sat with. She was kind and funny and always had time to listen to us. Thank you for always being helpful and fun and “nothing too much trouble” David for the Seminar. It makes it when the only thing you have to worry about is when your next meal is…. Lorna xx

Hi David,

 hope you have recovered from last week’s Seminar and got home safely. What a wonderful experience! I’m already anticipating next year. Could you please let me have your address so I can send a deposit cheque ? Look forward to seeing you at Amersham church soon. Best wishes Sasha xxx

Hi David,

I would just like to say what a complete success I thought this weekend was,even though there were fewer people attending I personally thought it was much nicer and that people mingled and chatted together,irelavant with who you went with. It truly felt right from day one that we were all a family together and everyone participated in the classes and helping each other. The Hotel was again exemplary and would like to say a big thank you to all the staff there that made is feel welcome and at home. Thank you to both yourself and Jane for organising this fantastic weekend and I look forward to being there next year,god willing and meeting up with everyone again. all the best love and light.  John

                                           Spiritual Truth goes live on the Air

Spirit truth goes live on the Trish Woods and Jane Davidson Radio show, guests  were invited to speak to the whole world about what they felt and their work with the spirit-world, people could phone in to ask Questions live or have a sitting.


Dear David. 

I would like to say a big thank you for the Discovery Weekend which I knew I would enjoy having attended last year.  This year’s far exceeded my expectations.  Everyone was so friendly and I enjoyed the variety of classes. I should like to say a big thank you to Jane for the encouragement she gave our group and the new ideas which I will be able to use in our open circle. I also enjoyed Richard Newall’s workshop especially the use of music tracks to give readings. Thank you Richard. Last but not least, your philosophy workshop.  Thought provoking is an understatement. Saturday’s open platform, what can one say. It will be a long time before I will forget it, if ever, a beautiful end to a very special weekend.    I hope to be able to attend next year, God willing.  


Dear David,

Well, for me, from the moment I walked into the hotel until the moment I left to come home, I felt so happy to be there, among like minded people, all intent on furthering their spiritual knowledge and ability. I found all the guests on the course absolutely delightful, regardless of where they had come from. It was so wonderful the way everyone felt so comfortable mixing with each other. Then there were those, like yourself, who worked so hard to make the occasion a success. All of you, without exception seemed to be struggling with your own health issues, despite which you all carried on regardless, and gave unstintingly to everyone with your wisdom, knowledge and encouragement. I can’t imagine that there was anyone who departed at the end without having gained a huge amount from the experience. As far as the actual venue is concerned, I have no doubt that a cheaper location could be found but, hey, there’s nothing cheap about Spirit, so I feel that we should honour them by chosing the best that we can afford in recognition and gratitude of all that they do to help and inspire us. David, I do hope from this brief note that you will be left in no doubt that I found the whole experience AMAZING and feel so privileged to have been included in such a wonderful few days. It goes without saying that my personal thanks go out to you all for all the hard work that went into making the week-end such a success, and particularly to the wonderful lady who was my tutor for most of the time. Dear Jane who was so inspiring and encouraging, thank you so much and my very best wishes to you for your forthcoming marriage. I shall never forget how you have helped to give me confidence. With many, many thanks and love and best wishes to you all,

from Rosemary  (Fleet Church)








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As you can see every body just having a good time,  working so hard but also  having great fun doing it.

David so many thanks for such a great opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people – everyone really worked hard at their learning and ohhhh the laughs! And for seeing us off today! Much love and gratitude! Xo! Trish


The Friends of Gaza Committee sent us a thank you letter for your donation of £84.00 that you gave from the raffle which took place on the last evening at the Seminar. Joan picked out the name from the Hat.


There was a lot of hard work at night working with the other Spirits !!



Hey guy’s this is great fun working with these spirits, we can do this every night.


Hi David

On Eastbourne, some feedback , I thought the seminar was to a very high standard. All the tutors offered support especially to beginners in mediumship. The smaller numbers helped me. I enjoyed the philosophy workshop and have some questions that I will send separetly. I did not realise there was no lunch on the first day, nor did I know that the seminar had been slimmed down. As it turned out it was very good. Richard Newall workshop title of music might have out me off, but it was more about healing and energies. Given more time I would have liked to have a try at dowsing energies , Richard demonstrated dowsing himself in his workshop. Healing, if someone came in a bit late, the healers then ate later and had less time before the evening. I am really sorry I missed the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Thank you for the opportunity to grow.

Kind regards   Simon

A message and photos from Jane

What a pleasure it was to meet you all and spend time together listening and learning this year at the Spiritual Truth Seminar 2012 you were all wonderful and worked so hard on every aspect of the lessons you were presented with. I learned so many lessons from all of you and cannot wait for the next one.You all created something special this year. Never have I been amongst such a lovely bunch of people all working together for the common good and the spirit world. Each and every one of you stood out in your own unique way and together we made memories we will never forget. There were tears of joy and some tears of sadness but my goodness we laughed too didn’t we? Personally I will never forget David and his comedy routine with his shirt on back to front. I was howling with laughter and I laughed even harder when I saw Roger’s face. He was almost exploding he was laughing so much. Very funny indeed. I would like to thank David for creating this wonderful Seminar which has grown year on year so well done and thanks to you for the lovely memories we are making year on year and thank you for asking me to be part of it.





All good things come to an end, This really is the end for this year friends. But the good news is we are back at the Center next year in 2013 for our next Seminar.Hope to see you all again next time round.  

Love and much light to you all



What a year that was, with friends from many countries around the world.

The Spiritual-Trust Seminar 2013