Projects in Gaza

   Ramadan Project 2017.

Just some of the families that we are currently supporting and working with in Gaza for Ramadan,                           

 Seeing how the Children suffer with the luck of having the basic needs to enable them to have some kind of a normal life. 1.8 million inhabitants in this small land 80% of them don’t have any work, and those who do have a job can’t afford to buy the only items allowed in to Gaza are non-essential things that are too expensive,

The convoy, which took off from London on Monday, comes on the back of a two-month fundraising effort by UK-based charities including Human Aid, Hand in Hand for Syria and Anaya Aid as well as the Malaysia-based Malaysian Life Line for Syria. and the Friends of Gaza. The coalition of charities has seen £500,000 raised through events including school no-uniform days and sponsored mountain climbs and marathons. Ambulances donated by a British aid mission were called into action within a day of arriving in Syria, potentially saving lives in their response to a deadly explosion in the city of Idlib.

Vehicles donated by the Unity Convoy – a donation of 100 decommissioned ambulances and supplies –

 Click on the link below for more information of all the projects Friends of Gaza have done over the years. 

Gaza Appeal




 One of the most important aspects of a human being, is to achieve and make   connecting with your higher self, with the higher energy and to dispel the notion of any magic (tricks done to entertain) or myths (untrue or unproven) in Mediumship.

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